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Global Entrepreneurship Week Curaçao announces a varied and attractive program for its 2016 edition

Willemstad: November 8, 2016

Global Entrepreneurship Week Curaçao announces a varied and attractive program for its 2016 edition

Text by: Farley Lourens

WILEMSTAD – The organizing committee of Global Entrepreneurship Week held a kick-off press conference to announce its program for the GEWCuraçao for 2016. In the auditorium of the Curaçao Business Chamber, president of GEWCuracao 2016, Elgenia Pieternella, expressed her gratitude to the Curaçao press for the support received duringthe GEWCuracao of last year. “Thanks to the coverage we got from the local press last year we got very good reviews and feedback on international level.” As an example Mrs. Pieternella showed the press a publication in which Global Entrepreneurship categorized Curaçao as one of the best three countries to have organized a Entrepreneurship Week for a first time.
Furthermore Mrs. Pieternella expressed with much pride that GEWCuraçao this year will host two international keynote speakers being Mr. Jeff Hoffman, who serves on the global Board of Directors of Global Entrepreneurship Week International and Mrs. Thaninga Shope – Linney, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for South Africa in Venezuela and Colombia. Both professionals have a very impressive curriculum.
During the press conference a video of Mr. Hoffman was screened in which he announced that he is very proud to be in Curaçao for a few days during GEWCuracao 2016. He informed that he had many invitations from countries spread over the world but made the decision to be in Curaçao for the 2016 GEW. Mr. Hoffman will be the keynote speaker at the fundraising lunch which will take place on November, 15, 2016 at the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.
The full program for the whole week and the revamped webite of GEWCuracao was also presented to the press. On Tuesday 15th the program features a series of workshops of which several facilitators were present. They informed in short of the topics they will be covering during their workshops.
Mrs. Mariella Olaria-Maduro, representing the Ministry of Economic Development, emphasized on the fact that the Ministry is very satisfied with the results of the first year of GEWCuraçao. Reason why the Ministry of Economic Development to again give its support to the organizing committee of Curaçao.
Another interesting development which was shared with the press, was the fact that on the island of Bonaire, Global Entrepreneurship Week will also be organized for a second year. Mr. Edsel Pieternella, representing the organizing committee of Bonaire, informed of the interesting program they have put together for GEWBonaire 2016.
Everything indicates that for this year entrepreneurs can again look forward to a very interesting week from November 14 to November 20, 2016.
The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives aimed at creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem. GEN helps people in 165 countries unleash their ideas and turn them into promising new ventures —creating jobs, accelerating innovation and strengthening economic stability around the world.
Ranging from efforts to inspire and educate nascent entrepreneurs to advancing research and connecting global leaders in person, GEN operates in all types of economies and cultures.
The globalization of entrepreneurship has brought an explosion of programs, startup communities and investment into a new field where there is a paucity of data around what works and what does not in supporting nascent entrepreneurs and new firms forming and trying to scale. Traditional business, education and government leaders have been eager champions, but they need more sophisticated tools, programs and research to help them most efficiently direct their attention and funds to areas that have great impact on future economic growth.
GEN is a compass to help address these needs by identifying effective initiatives that positively impact whole societies, and interventions that target the most critical areas for entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.
GEN Mission
Expanding the number of ordinary citizens working for or starting firms around the world by fully legitimizing entrepreneurs in all cultures and economies. The world needs more entrepreneurs.
Increasing understanding between the new and traditional elements of emerging startup communities and ecosystems including the constructive engagement of the public sector in supporting entrepreneur designed public programs. It takes a village where everyone collaborates to succeed.
Supporting the emergence of a new class of global entrepreneurs with access to research, programs and networks inside the 165 nation strong GEN network. National boundaries are porous to innovation and a new creative class of risk takers is hard-wired to a global network.
Connecting an emerging community of national startup policy advisors with a next generation network of world-class entrepreneurship research institutions in an effort to generate more robust research and data to support evidence-based policymaking and more effective entrepreneurial support programming. In short, data and analysis on what works and what does not in helping new firm formation.









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