Dia di Reino I konmemorashon un anja di Gobernashon Anti-Demokratiko / Kingdom Day and commemoration of one year of Dutch Anti-Democracy governance

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Kralendijk, 15 Desember , 2016

Topiko: Dia di Reino I konmemorashon un anja di Gobernashon Anti-Demokratiko

Apresiabel Koleganan,

Awe, 15 desember 2016, nos ta selebra Dia di Reino, anteriormente Statuut-dag, konmemorando 15 desember 1955, kaminda ku e Gobierno Hulandes ku apoyo di e elite di e teritorionan koloniza den Karibe, no e pueblo, ofisialmente a manipula e komunidat mundial den Nashonan Uni ku un votashon disputa (UN Asamblea General Resolushon 945 X) , I e mayoria di e komunidat mundial no a konfia e areglo di statuut I ku a disolve gobiernu Hulandes for di obligashon pa raporta riba e asina jama pais outonomo Antias Hulandes. For di e tempo ey e pais nobo aki Antias Hulandes su defisiensa politiko a keda skondi pa mundu pa motibu ku e bon plan I ehekutashon di e struktura di gobernashon impone ku intenshon di outo-destrui su mes a kana I bira realidat riba 10 oktober 2010, ku disolushon I desmantelashon di Antias Hulandes.

Awor ku nos ta aserkando 18 desember 2016, un anja despues ku e pueblo Boneriano ( I e pueblo Statiano den referendum di desember 2014) dor di referendum ofisialmente I demokratikamente a rechasa e status konstitushonal impone I a ratifika e resultadonan aki pa medio di nan lidernan demokratikamente eligi den Konseho Insular I a hasi esakinan desishonan demokratiko legal I indeskutibel.

Dor di no respeta e desishon demokratiko I e bos di pueblo di islanan di Caribe administra pa Hulanda, Bonaire I Sint Eustatius I kontinuando pa aneksa I ankra e teritorionan aki den konstitushon Hulandes basa riba in-igualdat ta degrada e Estado Hulandes I Reino na un estado I nashon anti-demokrasia.

Boso gobiernu mester hasi esfuerzo pa start un proseso korektivo I hustifika di akuerdo ku e voto I desishon demokratiko di e pueblonan inosente, ku ta desampara pa por mantene nan mes kultura I identidat I ku ta eksperensiando un inevitabel futuro skur pa wordu assimila I ekstermina dor di substitushon pa via di boso immigrashon abierto di entrada di Hulandes Oropeonan jenando nos isla. Nos a spera di boso gobiernu pa respeta demokrasia pero awor tini un paresido regimen di intimidashon militar ku praktikanan kla di intimidashon pa suprimi nos uniko otro pila I defensa di demokrasia, nos derecho fundamental di ekspreshon I manifestashon.

Nos por komprende ku boso ta sinti boso mes intrankilo I ku nos pueblo lo lanta I bisa ta basta, kisas por ta e 18 desember aki o no, por ta un otro biaha, pero boso por ta sigur ku historia no lo absolve boso di boso krimen kontra demokrasia I nos derechonan fundamental, pasobra nos tur a nase igual den derecho I dignidat I kisas un dia boso konsenshi lo boltu boso bek pa humanidat, direkshon di boso rumanan den Reino kual boso a bai di akuerdo I firma den Nashonan Uni ku lo ta mes igual I liber ku boso mes.

James Finies, Nos Kier Boneiru Bek

Open letter to : Second Chamber of the Netherlands, First Chamber of the Netherlands, Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Public Entity of Bonaire,

Kralendijk, December 15, 2016

Subject: Kingdom Day and commemoration of one year of Dutch Anti-Democracy governance

Dear Colleagues,

Today, December 15, 2016, we are celebrating Kingdoms day, or previously Statute-day, commemorating December 15, 1955 where the Dutch Government with the consent of the elite of the colonized Caribbean territories, not the people, officially manipulated the world community in the United Nations with a very disputed vote (U.N. General Assembly Resolution 945 X), and the majority of the world community distrusted this statute-arrangement to dissolve you from your reporting obligations towards the so-called autonomous country Netherlands Antilles. Since then this new country Netherlands Antilles political deficiency has been hided from the world as this well planned and executed imposed governmental structure intended road to self-destruction has became reality on October 10, 2010 with the dissolution and dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles.

As we are reaching December 18th, 2016 a year after the Bonerian peoples (and Statian peoples in December 2014 referendum) has by a referendum officially and democratically rejected the imposed constitutional status and ratified these results by their democratic elected leadership in the Island Councils and made these indisputable legally binding democratic decisions.

By not respecting the democratic decision and voice of the peoples of the Dutch administered Caribbean islands of Bonaire and Sint Eustatius and moving forward to annex and anchor these territories in the Dutch constitution on a on-equal base the Dutch State and Kingdom has degraded itself to a anti-democratic state and nation.

Your government should reach out to start a corrective justified process according to the democratic vote and decision of our innocent peoples, whose are desperate to maintain their own culture and identity as we are experiencing a inevitable gloomy future of being assimilated and exterminated by substitution by your open immigration influx of European Dutch flocking our island. We expected from your government respect to democracy but are now under a seemingly military intimidation regime with clear bullying practices to suppress our only other democratic pillar and defense our fundamental right of expression and manifestation.

We may understand that you may feel uneasy that our people will stand up one day and say enough is enough, maybe it is this 18th of December or maybe not, or maybe another time, but you may be sure that history will not dissolve you of your crime against democracy and our fundamental rights, because we all are born equal in rights and dignity and maybe one day your conscience will turn you back towards humanity, towards your brothers in the Kingdom which you agreed and signed in the United Nations to be as equal and free as yourselves.

Sincerely yours,
James Finies, Nos Kier Boneiru Bek



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