VIDEO KOMPLETU DI E RUEDA DI PRENSA: Kòrsou mester bira “The Stage of the Caribbean” A firma MoU ku Fundashon Bon Intenshon / Curaçao to become “The Stage of the Caribbean” MoU signed with Fundashon Bon Intenshon

Kòrsou mester bira “The Stage of the Caribbean” A firma MoU ku Fundashon Bon Intenshon

WILLEMSTAD- 20 di desèmber 2016 – Despues ku Minister enkargá ku Desaroyo Ekonómiko sr. Eugene Rhuggenaath a tuma nota di kanselashon di Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival (CNSJF) el a aserká Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) pa chèk e posibilidatnan pa garantisá kontinuashon di e evento aki. Esaki a resultá den firmamentu di un memorandum of understanding (MoU) entre CTDF, Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH), Curaçao Investment & Export Promotion Agency (CINEX) huntu ku Fundashon Bon Intenshon (FBI) pa 5 aña entrante 2018. E MoU ta enserá lantamentu di un grupo di trabou ku e meta pa liderá e esfuersonan pa sigurá fondo for di stakeholders i/òf otro organisashonnan pa organisá eventonan grandi, entre nan CNSJF. Esaki lo sòru pa Kòrsou keda posishoná komo “The Stage of the Caribbean”, un mekanismo fuerte di branding deliñá den e Plan Maestro pa Turismo 2015 -2020. Minister Rhuggenaath tambe a firma na nòmber di Gobièrnu di Kòrsou. Di akuerdo ku Minister Rhuggenaath “Ta importante pa kontinuá ku e evento aki pa hopi aña mas i trese mas di e tipo di eventonan manera esaki pa krea aktividatnan ekonómiko pa nos pais Kòrsou.”

E delaster enkuesta hasí dor di University of Central Florida na aña 2015 ta mustra ku CNSJF tabatin un impakto ekonómiko direkto i indirekto di riba 15 mion dòler. E resultadonan di e enkuesta ta mustra tambe ku e montante ku e bishitante internashonal na CNSJF ta gasta ta riba 300 dòler pa dia kompará ku algu mas ku 100 dòler pa dia di e turista regular ku ta bishitá Kòrsou.
Ademas por indiká ku e kantidat di pasahero ku ta drenta via di nos aeropuerto pa dia durante e dianan di e festival ta riba 2000 pasahero kompará ku 1000 riba un dia regular. Tur e faktornan aki ta indikadónan importante ku ta hasi nesesario pa mantené CNSJF komo un evento ikono pa Kòrsou.

Otro aspekto positivo di CNSJF ta e konsiertonan grátis ku ta krea e plataforma úniko pa biahero internashonal keda mas largu riba nos isla i eksperensia nos músika lokal manera e presentashon di un orkesta filarmóniko presentando piesanan di Doble R i homenage na Macario Prudencia. Adishonalmente e konsiertonan aki ta un manera pa e bishitante interkambiá ku nos hendenan lokal i eksperensia nos hospitalidat.

CNSJF ta un festival musikal grandi i prestigioso ku for di aña 2010 ta keda organisá pa FBI. E festival di 3 dia ta inkluí presentashon di artistanan for di rònt mundu i ta konta ku partisipashon di personanan di diferente parti di mundu. Banda di esaki, CNSJF ta duna un kontribushon vital na sektor di turismo i na ekonomia di Kòrsou den su totalidat. Motibu pa kua tur e partidonan envolví a palabrá ku CNSJF mester kontinuá pa hopi aña mas.


Curaçao to become “The Stage of the Caribbean” MoU signed with Fundashon Bon Intenshon

WILLEMSTAD- December 20, 2016 – Minister of Economic Development Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath after taking note of the cancellation of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2017, reached out to Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) to look into possible ways to guarantee the continuation of the event, this resulted in CTDF, Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH) and Curaçao Investment & Export Promotion Agency (CINEX) signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Fundashon Bon Intenshon (FBI) from 2018 for 5 years. The MoU entails the establishment of a task force with the purpose to lead the effort to secure structural funding from stakeholders and/or other third parties for the organization of major events amongst them CNSJF that will enable Curaçao to be positioned as the “Stage of the Caribbean” a powerful branding mechanism outlined in the Tourism Masterplan 2015-2020. Minister Rhuggenaath signed also on behalf of the Government of Curaçao. “It is important to keep this event for many years and bring in more of these kind of events to create the necessary economic activity for the Island of Curaçao” according to Minister Rhuggenaath.

The last survey done by the University of Central Florida in 2015 showed that the CNSJF had a direct and indirect economic impact of over US$ 15 million.
Also the study shows that the spending by international visitors of the CNSJF is over US$ 300 per day compared to just over US$ 100 per day by a regular tourist visiting the Island.
Also we can indicate that during the festival day’s arrivals at the airport are over 2000 passengers per day compared to around 1000 visitors on a regular day.
All these factors are important indicators that make it necessary to maintain the CNSJF as an iconic event for Curaçao.

Another great aspect of the CNSJF is the free concerts that create the unique platform for the international travelers to stay longer on the island and experience our local music, like the philharmonic orchestra performing songs of Doble R and the tribute given to Macario Prudencia. In addition these concerts are another way for the visitors to mingle with the local community and experience our beautiful people hospitality.

CNSJF is a large and prestigious international musical festival being organized by FBI since the year 2010; artists from all over the world participate in the 3-day festival and people from different parts of the world attend this festival in Curaçao. Besides, CNSJF is a vital contributor to the tourism sector of Curaçao as well as to the economy of Curaçao as a whole. Reason why all the parties involved agreed that the CNSJF needs to continue for many years to come.

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