Promoshon pa Kòrsou na diferente feria turístiko na Europa durante promé kuartal di aña…. / Great start of the year for Curaçao at European fairs

Promoshon pa Kòrsou na diferente feria turístiko na Europa durante promé kuartal di aña….

WILLEMSTAD- 16 di mart 2017 –E promé kuartal di aña semper ta un periodo drùk pa Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ku partisipashon na no ménos ku 6 feria turístiko na Alemania i Hulanda ku ta brinda huntu e oportunidat pa yega na 1 mion konsumidó den e merkadonan menshoná.

Aña a kuminsá ku Vakantiebeurs na Hulanda kaminda 16 hotèl a djòin e tim di Kòrsou. E konsentrashon na e feria aki ta primeramente dirigí riba e konsumidó. Pero e promé dia semper ta dediká na partnernan den e aria di komersio i tambe prensa. E dia a kulminá ku un evento pa asina por a interkambiá ku e partnernan mas importante. Pa por atraé bishitante na e stènt, e tim a organisá un evento kaminda bishitantenan por a gana un trep pa Kòrsou pa dos persona dor di kompletá un kuestionario.

Despues di Vakantiebeurs a sigui BOOT Düsseldorf i Duikvaker kualnan ta ferianan pa konsumidó ku enfoke riba e industria di buseo. BOOT ta un ekshibishon di boto i deportenan akuátiko na Alemania miéntras Duikvaker ta básikamente e mesun tipo di evento pero na Hulanda. Pa por envolví e bishitantenan e tim presente na BOOT a organisá un evento kaminda a tèst nan konosementu di Kòrsou su mundu di buseo. Naturalmente e representantenan di e 11 operadornan di buseo i tambe hotèlnan ku a djòin CTB tabata yuda e bishitantenan kontesta e preguntanan korektamente pa asina nan por tin chèns pa gana un trep pa Kòrsou.

Pa por representá Kòrsou na otro ferianan turístiko na Alemania, CTB a uni forsa ku AGK ku ta un organisashon no komersial ku ta konsentrá riba promové turismo den aria di Karibe. Trahando huntu e tim a sa di representá Kòrsou na CMT Stuttgart i München. CMT ta ofresé temanan di biahe manera golf, wellness, barku krusero i kultura. ta e feria mas popular den e region di Bavaria. E aña aki e feria a konosé un kresementu grandi di 11% den kantidat di bishitante yegando na un total di 135.000 bishitante.

E di dos siman di mart ta konosí pa e partisipashon di Kòrsou na e feria mundialmente konosí kual ta ITB Berlin. CTB ta keda kompaña anualmente pa representantenan di sigur 15 hotèl ku ta konsentrá riba fortifiká kontaktonan, deskubrí oportunidatnan nobo pa hasi negoshi i mantené relashonnan di negoshi. E tim di CTB a sa di kompletá un ITB eksitoso ku a keda asentuá pa reunionnan interesante ku diferente partner, presentashonnan i un evento di speed dating ku bloggers.


Great start of the year for Curaçao at European fairs

WILLEMSTAD- March 16, 2017 – The first quarter is always a busy period for the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) with at least 6 fairs spread through Germany and the Netherlands with the opportunity to engage 1 million consumers in these markets.

The year starts out with the consumer fair Vakantiebeurs in the Netherlands where Curaçao was joined by 16 hotel partners. While the focus at this fair is on the consumers, the first day is always dedicated to the trade and press partners which culminates in a CTB organized cocktail hour to network with our most valued trade and press partners. To attract visitors to the stand the team organized a consumer event, where visitors can win a trip to Curaçao for 2 by completing a survey.

Vakantiebeurs was followed by BOOT Düsseldorf and Duikvaker which are both consumer fairs focused on the diving tourism industry. BOOT is a German boat and watersport exhibition and Duikvaker is the Dutch equivalent. To engage the customers at BOOT the team also put together a consumer event for which their diving knowledge of the island was put to the test. CTB was joined by 11 dive operators and hotels, who gladly helped the consumers fill in the correct information in order to have a chance to win a trip to Curaçao.

In order to represent Curaçao at other German fairs, CTB joined forces with AGK a not for profit organization, promoting and advancing tourism in the Caribbean. Working together the team was able to represent Curaçao at CMT Stuttgart and München. CMT fair offers special travel themes such as golf, wellness, cruise ships and culture. is the most popular tourism fair in the Bavaria region and recorded a massive growth (11%) this year in visit numbers to a total of 135.000.

The second week of March is marked yearly by the attendance to the world’s leading travel trade show, ITB Berlin. CTB is joined yearly by at least 15 hotel partners at ITB, who are looking to network, discover new business opportunities and maintain trade relations. CTB team concluded a successful ITB, marked by interesting meetings with trade partners, presentations and a blogger speed dating event.

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