InselAir pursues its stabilization plan

InselAir pursues its stabilization plan
Willemstad – Curacao. As the stabilization plan is unfolding, InselAir is happy to report an important improvement on its on-time performance on routes between the ABC-islands and St. Maarten as well as a great support from the local communities that it is serving. Recent observations strongly indicate that passengers are reassured and very happy by the performance of InselAir Curacao. The entire team of InselAir is grateful for this show of trust from the travelling public.

On time performance
The measures taken by InselAir’s Management as part of the stabilization plan have resulted in an increased on-time performance with an average of over 90% over the last weekend. “The markets that we are now serving, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and St. Maarten, are again able to travel between the islands making use of a reliable air transportation. The observed load factors are a strong indication that InselAir Curacao is in the process of rebuilding its brand and that its loyalty-base is still very strong among the traveling communities of our main Dutch Caribbean market”, says InselAir’s Curacao CEO. Mr. Filiatreault. “It is very gratifying for our personnel to see the results but more importantly, the satisfaction of our customers. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to our supporters and other passengers for choosing InselAir Curacao for their travel needs. We are committed to be around for a long time.” concludes Filiatreault.  

Safety first culture
Over the last few weeks, several international representatives of Holland, of the United Kingdom and of the United States have recommended that their governmental staff refrain from traveling on “InselAir”. This recommendation created a mass confusion in the market place which was caused by the fact that there are two sister companies, InselAir International (Curacao based) and InselAir Aruba (Aruba based). “It is the MD fleet of InselAir Aruba that was grounded by the Department of Civil Aviation Aruba. It is to be well noted that InselAir Curacao did not have at any time one of its fleet or aircraft grounded by the Curacao Civil Aviation Authorities. Therefore, this recommended general ban was based on ungrounded and unresearched facts and fueled by inaccurate and to some extend against false speculations,” says Mr. Filiatreault. Filiatreault continues, “Once more InselAir Curacao firmly restates that its operational fleet is airworthy and safe to fly and that the airline complies with the highest safety and security standards in the industry. InselAir takes great pride in offering safe air transportation to its passengers and in providing a safe working environment to its employees. The inaccurate publications have impacted severely on the financial results of the company”, according to Filiatreault.

Stabilization plan
InselAir Curacao is proceeding swiftly with the stabilization plan. In accordance with the plan, release notices were issued to several employees with immediate effect. These releases were performed in accordance with the labor laws and directives of the Labor Department of Curacao. We would like to deny rumors that are currently circulating that we are not proceeding according to the law. Contrary to the news we did not submit any names yet to SOAW, this will be handled according to the time granted to us by the law. We would like to emphasize that we are in constant communication with SOAW. Furthermore, all employees who have been released will continue receiving their salary until the approval of SOAW has been received by InselAir up to which they will receive their outstanding dues.

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