Venezuela: Un paraiso perdí – Venezuela: How paradise got lost

Venezuela: Un paraiso perdí

For di playanan bunita te na kapanan di sneeuw den Andes Venezuela ta un lugá naturalemente bunita. E pais ta unu ku tin un di e reservanan di zeta mas grandi na mundu.
Hopi di esnan den klase mas haltu a bandoná e lugá tempu ku Hugo Chaves a bini na mando den añanan 1999. E parti bon di Chaves ta ku e la traha duru riba pobresa, skol i mas awa limpi pa hinter e pais. E dia di awe e Venezolano nan ta bringando kontra un inflashon di mas grandi na mundu, protesta masal sangroso den kayanan i un klima di kaos.

Kon por ta posibel ku un paraiso a bai perdí asina?
1. Preis di zeta ku a baha a pone ekonomia den reverse
2. E moveshon di dòler a baha konsiderabel.
3. Kontrol di preis ta un problema grandi
4. Dieta di Maduro (Tur kos ta shòrt. No tin lechi, hariña ni papel sanitario)
A kampañá ku e asina yamá dieta di Maduro, tambe kasi bo no ta haña nada di remedi, tin kontinuo blackout (kitamentu di koriente), desempleo, krimen diariamente i diferente malesanan manera Malaria ku a bolbe lanta kabes.

(Foto: Venezuela 1,2)

Venezuela: How paradise got lost

From its Caribbean beaches to the snow-capped Andes, Venezuela is a place of astonishing natural beauty. It also possesses the largest proven oil reserves in the world.

Many in a thriving professional class left the country when the late Hugo Chavez took power in 1999, but the early years of his rule saw a massive reduction in poverty, more children in school, and greater access to clean drinking water.
Today, however, Venezuelans are dealing with the highest rate of inflation in the world, bloody street protests and a climate of chaos. How did a potential paradise become so lost? Here are a few answers:

1.Plummeting oil prices put economy in reverse
2.The flow of dollars slowed to a trickle
3.Price controls are just another problem
4.The ‘Maduro diet

Shortages of food and home staples like milk, flour and toilet paper
Shortages of medicine
Rolling blackouts
Rising unemployment
Soaring violent crime
Even malaria, once almost eradicated, is back on the rise.

(Photo: Venezuela 1,2)

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