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Philipsburg, 17th 2019

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON

                     POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Opening Jump Up for Carnival 2019

As we are all aware the 50th Carnival Grand Celebrations are rapidly approaching, and the opening of the Festival Village is sleighed to take place this coming Saturday April20th 2019.

Leading up to the grand opening of the opening of the Festival Village we have had four Jump- ups that have taken place without any major incidents and the KPSM team would like to congratulate the community on a job well done thus far. We ask that the community and visitors alike to maintain this same positive energy moving forward.

The opening Jump-up is to take place this Saturday, will begin on St. Peters between Apricot road and LB Scott Road at 08.00 p.m. sharp and will end at the festival village before mid-night. As a safety measure the entire community and mainly vendors along the route of the jump-up are urged not to use or serve any beverages in glass bottles.

The Police department is asking the community and visitors alike to keep the safety tips in mind to make sure this Carnival season begins and ends on a high note of safety. The Police Force of Sint Maarten is without any doubt doing its utmost, to protect you, your family and your property during the Carnival season as well as combat crime. The Public Relation Office of the Sint Maarten Police Force is therefore offering the entire community, the following safety tips, to help them prepare against crime.

Remember the 3 A’s of Crime Prevention


  • Be Aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Be Alert to suspicious people and vehicles.
  • Avoid dangerous situations.


All of us at the KPSM would like to wish everyone a safe and fun filled Carnival 50.

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