T&T IFC ta habri porta pa oportunidatnan di invershon pa FAO i BPO den Karibe / T&T IFC Opening the Door to FAO and BPO Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean

T&T IFC ta habri porta pa oportunidatnan di invershon pa FAO i BPO den Karibe

Eksplorá Karibe komo un destinashon nobo pa invershon di kompanianan FAO i BPO tabata e tema di e konferensia “Outsource to the Caribbean” (OCC 2019) ku a tuma lugá dianan 6 pa 10 di mei na Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort. OCC 2019 a trese diferente kompania BPO, kompanianan di telekomunikashon, institushonnan di kapasitashon i representantenan di gobièrnu huntu ku e meta di krea oportunidatnan pa sera kontakto pa invershonistanan ku interes den sektor di ‘Caribbean Outsourcing’. Invershon den sektor BPO den Karibe tin diferente benefisio, komo visepresidente di Operations at Evolve Mortgage Services na Trinidad & Tobago Rachael Mason ta splika ku, “ Trinidad & Tobago ta un ekselente destinashon pa eksternalisashon di servisionan finansiero. E kostonan di labor den e sektor aki ta 50% ménos, kompará ku Nortamérika.”

Tin un tendensia di kresementu den kompanianan BPO ku a bin ta operá eksitosamente na India i ku a move nan operashonnan pa Karibe komo parti di kresementu i ekspanshon di nan kompania. Nos region su proksimidat ku Merka i Latinoamérika, hendenan di hablá ingles, akseso rápido na internèt, edifisionan di kalidat i kapasidat di utilidat ta fasilitá hasimentu di negoshi. Ademas, e merkado laboral tambe ta masha atraktivo pa invershonistanan.

Kòrsou, komo pais anfitrion di OCC 2019, tambe ta sostené e impulso regional pa atraé mas invershonista.  Rejo Sam, Country Manager di AVASANT, establesé na Trinidad & Tobago, ta kere ku kolaborashon i esfuersonan stratégiko kombiná ta yabi pa benefisiá di e interes ku tin. “Komo region, ta benefisioso pa posishoná Karibe komo un ubikashon pa FAO, i tambe komo destinashon di merkadeo.  Pa nos probechá di e portofolio di merkadeo i servisio segun e interes di e invershonista i ahustá nos ofertanan pa kumpli ku nan nesesidatnan, ta duna nos un bentaha grandi. Kada pais den nos region tin algu signifikante pa ofresé. Kolektivamente, komo merkado, Karibe tin potensial pa establesé su mes komo e di dos òf di tres sektor BPO di mas grandi na mundu.”

E dos agensianan responsabel pa fasilitá invershonnan pa FAO i BPO na Trinidat & Tobago ta T&T IFC i InvesTT.  T&T IFC CEO Omar Sultan- Khan, a komentá den e CAIPA Golden Minute durante di OCC 2019 ku Trinidad &Tobago ta hopi bon posishoná pa kapitalisá riba e tendensia kresiente di BPO. Referiendo na e tendensia aki, e ta splika; “Nos tin konfiansa ku miéntras mas i mas invershonista ta bira konsiente di Trinidad & Tobago su bentahanan kompetitivo ekstraordinario, nos pais lo mira un tremendo kresementu den kompanianan ku lo establesé nan F&A i BPO. E futuro di F&A BPO na Trinidad & Tobago ta bastante prometedor.” OCC2019 tabata un ko-presentashon di  Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) i Caribbean Export Development Agency.

T&T IFC Opening the Door to FAO and BPO Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean

Exploring the Caribbean as a new investment destination for FAO and BPO firms was the focus of the “Outsource to the Caribbean Conference” (OCC 2019) held from May 6th to May 10th at the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort, Curacao.

OCC 2019 brought together BPO firms, telecommunications companies, training institutions and government officials with the goal of creating networking opportunities for investors who have an interest in the Caribbean’s Outsourcing Sector.  

Investing in the Caribbean’s BPO sector has many advantages, as VP of Operations at Evolve Mortgage Services in Trinidad and Tobago Rachael Mason explains: “Trinidad and Tobago is an excellent location for financial services outsourcing. The labour cost in this sector is 50% less, compared to North America.”

There is a growing trend for BPO firms that have been successfully operating in India to move operations to the Caribbean as part of their company’s growth and expansion. Our region’s proximity to the USA and Latin America, English-speaking population, high-speed internet access, shovel ready sites, quality buildings, utility capacity, ease of doing business and rich talent pools and make the islands very attractive to investors looking to set up shop.

Curacao, as the host country for OCC 2019, is also supporting this regional thrust towards attracting investors. Rejo Sam, Country Manager of AVASANT, based in Trinidad and Tobago, believes a collaborative and strategic regional effort is the key to benefiting from this wave of interest. “As a region, it’s advantageous to position the Caribbean as a FAO location, but also marketing destination. Leveraging the region’s marketing and customer service portfolios against the investors’ interests and tailoring our offerings to suit their needs offers us the best advantage. Each country within the region has something significant to offer. Collectively, as a market, this is not a small market and the Caribbean has the potential to establish itself as the second or third largest BPO sector in the world.”

The two agencies responsible for FAO and BPO investment facilitation in Trinidad and Tobago are the T&T IFC and InvesTT.  T&T IFC CEO Omar Sultan- Khan, in delivering remarks during the CAIPA Golden Minute at OCC 2019, said Trinidad and Tobago is very well positioned to capitalise on this BPO trend. Commenting on this trend, he stated: “We are confident that as more and more investors become aware of Trinidad and Tobago’s extraordinary competitive advantages, our country will see a tremendous surge in companies establishing their F&A BPO front offices here. The future of F&A BPO in Trinidad and Tobago is indeed extremely promising.”

OCC 2019 was jointly hosted by the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) and the Caribbean Export Development Agency.




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