Public Notice from  Police KPSM 


Philipsburg, December 12th 2019

From:  Acting Head of Communication Department: Inspector E.S Josepha  

                    POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Public Notice from  Police KPSM 

The police of Sint Maarten KPSM received a message earlier this evening from an unknown person who gave a statement in a  broadcast, that the Dutch police, together with the French police, have given permission to close all borders on the island. 

The police of Sint Maarten make it abundantly clear that at no time did the police closed any of the borders or collaborated with the French police to close of any of the borders on the island.

 We are well aware of the situation that is taking place on the French at this moment.  Information has reached the management of the police that the border at French Quarter and lowlands has been closed by the people of the French side in connection with the ongoing manifestation.

KPSM personnel is assisting motorist at this moment, which are currently on the Dutch side, to get to their destination on the French side through the Belle Vue border.


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