Sint Maarten Police: Drugs confiscated from presumed dealer on the Back street. / Stolen vehicle found in Gibbs drive

Drugs confiscated from presumed dealer on the Back street. 

On Tuesday, 07 January 2020, a general control was held by cadets of BPO2 under supervision Police bike team in Philipsburg. This was the 1st practical training moment for the new rookie police officers. During the control, 5 cars were checked and only warnings were given to the drivers.

The vehicle was checked internal and external for their technical requirements. During one of these traffic stops the drive of a white Hyundai accent was controlled. In the car the officers found a bag containing l Marijuana Crack cocaine and Chrystal meth. 

The driver, with the initials M.A.C could not give any reasonable answer to the questions asked by the officers.  He was arrested and taken to the police station where he is being held for questioning. The drugs were confiscated and car was impounded pending for further investigation.   

Stolen vehicle found in Gibbs drive

On early Tuesday morning around 10.00 am, the central dispatch received a call concerning a stolen car that was spotted driving in Dutch Quarter area. According to the caller his car was stolen on the November 24th 2019 from his home in Zorg and Rust. The owner filed an official complaint of theft of his vehicle by the detective department.  

 The central dispatch directed the patrol to the area of Dutch Quarter where the car was parked. At the Gibbs drive in Dutch Quarter the patrol found the car that was reported stolen in November 2019. 

The Driver of the white Hyundai I-10 with the initials M.C. told the police that he bought the car from a friend a few weeks earlier. He was arrested en incarcerated at the police station in Philipsburg pending further investigation. The car was also confiscated for investigation 


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