Sint Maarten Police Claim of attempted robbery in Cole-bay 

Acting head of Communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


Philipsburg,  May27th  , 2020

Claim of attempted robbery in Cole-bay 

On Tuesday May 26th, 2020 at approximately 3.30pm, the police patrol were sent to in Colebay for what the central dispatch explained was attempted robbery, but upon further investigation it was discovered to be a escalated altercation then a robbery .

Officers arrived on the scene at Dr. Lasly Lago Street after receiving reports that two males dressed in orange vest, cleaning the streets attempted to rob an individual in the neighborhood. 

The resident was curious as to what the two males were busy doing in the vicinity and questioned why they were in front of her gate. For reasons still unclear to the officers the resident was pushed to the ground by one of the road workers.

The male workers were later attacked by the resident’s dogs when they noticed that their owner had been attacked. They then fled the scene in an unknown direction once the dogs had begun to chasing them. 

The Special  Unit Robbery looked in to the other claims of a robberies which was said to have taken place on various days through the month of May by males wearing an orange vest and no such reports or claims had been made to the police.

The Sint Maarten Police Force are currently aware of the information circulating through social media regarding a spree of robberies happening within the communities and would like to publicly dispel those rumors. 

Officers were sent to the same location this morning, Wednesday 27th May, where a new set of workers were also cleaning the road as they were contracted to do. 

We understand that social media is a means to bring fast awareness, but we are also pleading with the community to be careful of the news you spread/forward without concrete facts, as it might cause unnecessary panic within the communities. 

Sint Maarten on a whole is already on high alert during this COVID-19 pandemic and false information helps feed into the stress. The detectives  are currently still investigating the incident that took place in its entirety and are asking the public to allow us to do so; please cease from spreading nonfactual information  as it creates more harm then good..

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