CHATA ta deliberá futuro di industria ku gerente i doñonan di hotèl. / CHATA Discusses the Future of the Industry with its Accommodations General Managers and Owners

CHATA ta deliberá futuro di industria

ku gerente i doñonan di hotèl.


Willemstad, 27 yüli 2020 –  Siman pasá CHATA a tene su reunion pa gerente i doñonan di hotèl. E reunion aki ta keda organisá dos bes pa aña i ta speshal pa miembronan di sektor di akomodashon. Varios miembro di diferente propiedat tabata presente na e reunion kaminda e presidente i CEO di CHATA, sr. Miles Mercera, a duna un presentashon riba tópikonan aktual relevante i tambe a kontestá preguntanan ku e sektor tabatin. Tópikonan ku a keda presentá i diskutí durante e reunion ta inkluí: kosto di negoshi, CTA, situashon aktual di Gobièrnu, asistensia finansiero di Gobièrnu (NOW regeling), prestashon di hotèl, buelonan pa Kòrsou i tambe otro puntonan di atenshon i prekupashon ku e sektor kier a kompartí pa asina tin un miho bista di e situashon di Kòrsou.


E luna tras di lomba CHATA a hasi analisis semanal ku su miembronan di sektor di akomodashon pa asina monitoriá reservashonnan, pronóstikonan, kanselashonnan i tambe motibunan di kanselashon. E resultado di e analisis aki ta di gran balor pa CHATA pa haña un miho indikashon riba komportashon di reservashon di esnan interesá o ku ta bini Kòrsou. Aparte di e komportashon di reservashon, e enkuesta ta duna tambe sifranan di kanselashon i un indikashon di e motibunan dikon e turista a disidí di kanselá su biahe. Durante luna di yüli e average di prestashon di hotèl pronostiká tabata 42% mientras ku reservashonnan real tabata 20%. Sinembargo, pa luna di ougùstùs e average di prestashon di hotèl pronostiká tabata 47% i e average di reservashon tabata 21%. E average di kanselashon tabata 28 den luna di yüli i 18 den luna di ougùstùs for di kua 72% tabata relashoná ku e miedu di COVID-19. Otro motibunan di kanselashon di plan di biahe ta e manifestashonnan den komunidat (72%), PCR tèst obligatorio (18%), preis di pasashi (27%) i otro motibunan relashoná ku frontera será pa Merka.


CHATA lo kontinuá ku e monitoreo di prestashon di hotèl i lo sigui tene su miembronan informá di e situashon aktual.


CHATA Discusses the Future of the Industry

with its Accommodations General Managers and Owners


Willemstad July 27, 2020 –  Last week, CHATA held its bi-annual general managers and owners meeting for their accommodations members. Several members from different properties attended the meeting where CHATA President and CEO, Mr. Miles Mercera, gave a presentation to emphasize on current relevant topics and to address any questions the sector has. Topics that were discussed during the meetings included, Costs of Doing Business, CTA, Government status, the Government Subsidy (NOW Regeling), Accommodations Performance, Airlift and any other concerns the sector wanted to share in order to receive a better idea of Curaçao’s situation.


For the last month, CHATA has been performing a weekly analysis to the accommodations sector and monitor the bookings, forecasts, cancellations and reasoning for cancellations. The results of this analysis are valuable for CHATA to receive a better indication on booking behavior of those interested in or coming to Curaçao. Aside from the booking behavior, the survey also provides number of cancellations and it gives an indication as to why the traveler has decided to cancel their trip. During the month of July, the average forecast of hotel occupancy was 42%, while the bookings resulted in 20%. However, for August, the forecast was 47% and the average hotel bookings is 21%. While monitoring the accommodation sector, it was noticeable that several cancellations were made related to the COVID-19 scare. Other reasoning for the cancellation of traveling plans are community protests, mandatory PCR tests, ticket prices and other reasoning related to the closed borders to the US.


CHATA will continue to monitor the accommodations performances as well as keeping their members informed on the current situation.


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