Invertí den nos hendenan ta kuminsá ku edukashon / Investing in our People Starts with Education


Invertí den nos hendenan ta kuminsá ku edukashon


Willemstad, 30 di yüli 2020 – Na komienso di aña, CHATA a anunsiá ku lo enfoká riba invertí den nos mes hendenan. Ku varios proyekto suspendé a konsekuensia di e pandemia, e enfoko a bira riba desaroyo economiko. Sinembargo, CHATA ta sigui buska maneranan pa invertí den nos hendenan ya ku ta nos ta esnan ku ta yuda alsa nos ekonomia.


University of Curaçao (UoC) a rekonosé e nesesidat den formashon di profeshonalnan den e sektor di hospitalidat i turismo. Pa e motibu aki, UoC ta kuminsá e aña eskolar nobo akí ku un studio Bachelor nobo titulá “International Hospitality and Tourism Management” (IH&TM). E programa aki tin un durashon di 4 aña i ta inkluí diferente módulo manera Food and Beverage Management, Creative Designing, Hospitality Tourism Law, Human Resources Management, Hotel Management i muchu mas.


CHATA ke kontribuí na e trayektoria i formashon di e future profshonalnan den industria. Pa e motibu aki, CHATA lo regalá un di e studiantenan di e estudio akí un lèptòp i asina aportá na nan formashon. Pa partisipá i gana e lèptòp, CHATA ke skucha bo motivashon pa skohe e estudio IH&TM. Kiko bo mester hasi? Inskribí pa e studio na UoC, skibi un karta di motivashon na Ingles i splika nos dikon bo meresé ta e ganadó.

Titulá bo karta ku bo nòmber i fam kompletu i manda esaki na

Finalmente, graba un video di 1 minüt na Papiamentu i splika nos dikon bo a skohe pa un futuro den hospitalidat i turismo i publiká esaki riba Facebook usando e hashtag #nosturismo. Kòrda hasi e video habrí pa publiko.


Hasi tur esaki mas tardá 16 di ougùstùs 2020 i abo por ta e ganadó.

Pa mas informashon bishitá CHATA su pagina di Facebook o yama 465 1005 i pa mas informashon tokante e estudio di UoC bishitá



Investing in our People Starts with Education


Willemstad, July 30, 2020 – At the beginning of the year, CHATA announced that the focus this year will be “investing in our people”. With many projects being put on hold due to the global pandemic, the focus has shifted to economic recovery, but CHATA continues to find ways to invest in our people as we are the ones who lift the economy.


The University of Curaçao (UOC) has recognized the demand for building professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector. Therefore, UOC is starting this academic year with a new bachelor’s program titled “International Hospitality and Tourism Management” (IH&TM). This program will run for 4 years and includes different modules on Food and Beverage Management, Creative Designing, Hospitality Tourism Law, Human Resources Management, Hotel Management, and more.


CHATA wants to contribute to the journey of the future professionals in the industry. In order to do this, CHATA will be giving away a free laptop to one of the students in the program to aid their studies. To participate and get the chance to win the laptop, CHATA wants to hear from you what your motivation was behind choosing the IH&TM program. In order to be eligible for the laptop, you must register for the bachelor’s program and write a motivational letter in English, explaining why you deserve to win the laptop and send it to Make sure the document title includes you full name and last name. You must also film a one-minute video in Papiamentu explaining why you chose a future in Hospitality and Tourism and upload it to your Facebook account using #NosTurismo, and the sure the post is public.


Complete all of the abovementioned requirements by Sunday, August 16, 2020. For more information, visit CHATA’s Facebook page or call 465 1005. For more information on the bachelor’s program, visit the University of Curaçao’s Facebook page or their website

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