Willemstad 22 di Novèmber 2020- Stichting Overheidsaccountantsbureau (SOAB) resientemente a introdusí un tim di direktornan nobo ku lo guía e proseso di transishon di SOAB rumbo pa futuro.  Drs. Raymond Faneyte (General Director), Drs. Renata Sandriman RA (Director Assurance), Drs. Hardy Huisden (Director Advisory) i Drs. Candia Joseph RO EMIA (Director Sint Maarten) lo enkabesá nan tim di profeshonalnan bon prepará i kapasitá. Asina SOAB ta sigui kontribuí na bienestar di e komunidatnan ku e organisashon ta sirbi, pa medio di guía i konseho na gobièrnunan i empleadonan públiko.

Drs. Raymond Faneyte ta RA CFE CICCA, Direktor General, resientemente a akseptá e honor di supstuí Sr. Geomaly Martes, kende a dirigí SOAB durante e último 25 añanan.  Den su trayektorio na SOAB di mas ku un dékada, Raymond Faneyte a demonstrá su kalidatnan pa medio di su esfuersonan pa adelanto di SOAB. Su eksperensia den ouditoria, aseguransa i komo konsehero pa gobièrnunan di turno, entidatnan den sektor públiko i privá den Karibe Ulandes i e resultadonan ku e la logra optené, a form’é komo e persona indiká pa e funshon di liderazgo.  Alabes, su firmesa den asuntunan di konfiabilidat, honestidat, integridat i su profeshonalismo ta balornan ehemplar ku Raymond ta desplegá den su interakshon ku kliente i kolega.

Drs. Renata Sandriman RA, Director Assurance, ta un akountant outorisá i un profeshonal ku un gran sentido di kompromiso, ku hopi eksperensha den maneho di un variedat amplio di enkargo pa gobièrnu i institutonan relatá na gobièrnu den Karibe Ulandes.  Pa Sandriman ta sumamente importante pa ehersé su trabou ku integridat, ku servisio di kalidat haltu i dirigí riba resultado. Su fleksibilidat a reflehá den e diversidat di enkargo ku e ta realisá i su abilidat pa ta den interakshon ku kliente na diferente nivel.  Duna servisio di balor agregá na e kliente ta kardinal pa Sandriman.

Drs. Hardy Huisden, Director Advisory, a inisiá su karera den posishonnan di benta i maneho na kompanianan na Ulanda manera Randstad Uitzendbureau i KPN.  Den e funshon di SOAB Director Advisory, Huisden ta guía e organisashon operashonal interno.  Alabes e ta responsabel pa atkisishon i tambe realisashon di enkargonan relatá na Konseho i Sosten pa varios kliente den Karibe Ulandes i Sürnam.  Hardy ta pèrkurá pa e ta kontinuamente un paso dilanti, di tal forma ku Hardy, huntu ku su tim, por sirbi e kliente di e mihó manera, alabes teniendo kuenta ku  nesesidatnan ku por kambia ku tempu. Sirbi atrabes di kreatividat, inovashon i puntualidat ta su kredo, mientras e ta kovensí ku “E kliente su persepshon ta e realidat”, kual ta un sitado di Kate Zabriskie.

Drs. Candia Joseph RO EMIA, Director Sint Maarten, ta un Ouditor Operashonal registrá, i komo tal, ta karakterisá pa su enfoke pa perkurá ku un organisashon ta keda “den kontròl” i ta organisá di tal manera ku por garantisá logro di nan meta i ophetivonan.  Esaki, pa medio di un realisashon di un kombinashon di enkargo kaminda ta ofresé guía, konseho i sosten.  A añadí e posishon di Director Sint Maarten na e tim, debí na e situashon geográfiko i e karakterístika úniko di e islanan SSS den Karibe Ulandes.  Candia ta responsabel pa e sektor di SOAB na Sint Maarten pa loke ta trata klientenan, enkargonan, gruponan di enfoke i prestashon di e ofisina.  Candia ta enfoká i komprometé na e kliente, i e ta dediká na logra resultadonan ku tin balor agregá pa nan.

SOAB ta renombrá pa su konosementu i eksperensha ekstenso i profundo den e área di sektor públiko den Karibe Ulandes. E organisashon ta lider pa loke ta trata konosementu nesesario pa por duna sosten na su klientenan gubernamental i un outoridat den sektor públiko.




Willemstad November 22, 2020- Stichting Overheidsaccountantsbureau (SOAB) recently introduced its team of directors that will lead the process of SOAB transitioning into tomorrow. Drs. Raymond Faneyte (General Director), Drs. Renata Sandriman RA (Director Assurance), Drs. Hardy Huisden (Director Advisory), Drs. Candia Joseph RO EMIA (Director Sint Maarten) will head our team of seasoned and well-rounded professionals, as SOAB continues to contribute to the welfare of the communities SOAB serves, by giving assurance and advisory to their governments and civil servants.  

Drs. Raymond Faneyte RA CFE CICA, General Director, has recently accepted the honor of succeeding Mr. Geomaly Martes, who has led SOAB over the past 25 years. For more than a decade Raymond Faneyte has made his mark by contributing with the developments within SOAB, which has steered the organization forward. His professional experience in auditing, assurance and advisory for governments, public sector and private sector entities in the Dutch Caribbean and the results he has obtained, have formed him into the right person to take on this leadership role. In addition, his ‘belief in trustworthiness and honesty’, his integrity and being a thorough professional are exemplary core values which Raymond displays in his interactions with both clients and colleagues.

Drs. Renata Sandriman RA, Director Assurance, is a chartered accountant and committed professional with extensive experience in managing a wide variety of assignments for the government and government-related institutions in the Dutch Caribbean.  For her, integrity, quality and result-orientation are paramount. Her flexibility is reflected in the diversity of assignments she carries out and her ability to quickly interact with clients at different levels. Offering added value to the customer is important to her.

Drs. Hardy Huisden, Director Advisory, started his career in sales and management positions at companies in the Netherlands such as Randstad Uitzendbureau and KPN. As the SOAB Director Advisory he leads the internal organizational operations. In addition, he is responsible for the acquisition and realization of Advisory and Support assignments for various governmental clients within the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname. Hardy aims to always be one step ahead in order to be able to serve his clients’ ever-changing needs and does so with his team. Serving through creativity, innovation and timeliness is his credo, as he believes “The customer’s perception is your reality” (Kate Zabriskie).

Drs. Candia Joseph RO EMIA, Director St. Maarten, is a registered Operational Auditor, and as such, is characterized by her focus on ensuring that an organization remains ‘in control’ and organized in a manner that guarantees the achievement of their goals and objectives. This is done through a combination of assurance, advisory and support assignments. Given the geographic location and distinct characteristics of the SSS-islands within the Dutch Caribbean, the position of Director St. Maarten was added to the team. 


Candia is responsible for the St. Maarten sector of SOAB with regards to the clients, engagements, stakeholders and performance of the office. Candia is customer focused and engaged, and is dedicated to achieving results that are of added value to our clients.

SOAB is renowned for its team of professionals with extensive knowledge within the industry and government with a track record in experience within the public sector in the Dutch Caribbean. SOAB remains leading in terms of knowledge of Government and an authority on public governance.


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