Kapturá momentunan di dianan di fiesta ku Curaçao Things to do / Capture Your Holiday Moments with Curaçao Things to do!


Kapturá momentunan di dianan di fiesta ku Curaçao Things to do


Willemstad, 2 di dezèmber 2020 – Ku dianan di fiesta aserkando, Curaçao Things to do ke sigurá ku esaki lo ta un fin di aña inolvidabel. Riba promé di dezèmber e CHATA Attractions Task Force a lansa e kampaña “Kapturá momentunan di dianan di fiesta” riba nan pagina di Facebook i Instagram: Curaçao Things to do.


Promé, bishitá tur 4 atrakshon pa asina bini na remarke pa un premio final generoso i atraktivo. Bishita e bida marítimo na Curaçao Sea Aquarium, diskubrí e kaminda di indjan na Kueba di Hato, sigui un tour ku guia na Curaçao’s Liqueur Distillery na Landhuis Chobolobo i terminá esaki ku un cocktail/smoothie i finalmente fèrf un ornamento di yeso durante ‘fun Wednesdays’ na Sambil ku Chichi Curaçao.


Prepará bo kamara pa saka potrèt na kada un atrakshon su stènt di Pasku. Unabes bo saka potrèt na tur kuater stènt, traha un collage di esakinan i publik’é den e sekshon di komentario di e post original di e lansamentu di kampaña. Hasi esaki promé ku 6 di janüari 2021 i asina bo por gana ANG.500 na van den Tweel Supermarket.


CHATA su Attractions Task Force ta kontentu di por ta parti di bo memorianan di dianan di fiesta. Pa mas informashon, tuma kontakto ku Curaçao Things to do riba e paginanan di media sosial.




Capture Your Holiday Moments with Curaçao Things to do!


Willemstad, 2 December 2020 – As the holidays are approaching, Curaçao Things to do wants to ensure that this will be a holiday to remember. On December 1, 2020, the CHATA Attractions Task Force launched the ‘Capture Your Holiday Moments’ campaign on their Curaçao Things to do Facebook and Instagram page.


First, visit all four attractions in order to become eligible for a generous and attractive final prize! Visit the marine life at Curaçao Sea Aquarium, discover the Indian trail at Curaçao Hato Cave, have a guided tour through Curaçao’s Liqueur Distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo and finish off with a cocktail/smoothie and lastly, paint a plaster ornament during ‘fun Wednesdays at Sambil’ with Chichi Curaçao.


Make sure to get the cameras ready to take pictures with the specially designed Christmas stand at each attraction. Once the picture has been taken at all the attractions and their Christmas stand, put all four photos in a collage and post it in the comment section of the original launch post. Make sure to complete this by January 6, 2021 and have the chance to win ANG 500 at Van den Tweel Supermarket!


The CHATA Attractions Task Force is happy to be a part of your holiday memories. For more information, feel free to contact us on our ‘Curaçao Things to do’ social media pages.

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