Kòrsou lo ta e promé nashon Karibense ku to djòin e programa COMMITMENTS ACCELERATOR FOR PLASTIC POLLUTION (CAPP)


Kòrsou lo ta e promé nashon Karibense ku to djòin e programa COMMITMENTS ACCELERATOR FOR PLASTIC POLLUTION (CAPP) 


Kòrsou a djòin e CAPP programma, i lo ta e promé pais Karibense ku ta implementá  projektonan lokal, regional i internashonal pa kombatí plèstik.


Willemstad, novèmber 2020


E akuerdo di kompromisonan pa kombatí plèstik (CAPP) ta un programa nobo ku ta trese transparensia pa e komunidat di Kòrsou i stimulá aktividatnan pa redusí plèstik. Kòrsou lo ta un di e tres paisnan ku lo forma parti di e komunidat internashonal di CAPP i lo resultá den mehoráshon i implementashon di strategianan, proyektonan, resultadonan i investigashon pa redusí plèstik.


E tim di ekspertonan di e programa di CAPP ku tin eksperensia riba áreanan manera polushon di plèstik, ekonomianan di islanan, diseño di rednan i kolaborashon, gustosamente ta anunsiá ku Fiji i Seychelles tambe lo forma parti di e paisnan flagship. Un estado flagship lo traspasa e konosementu di CAPP programa pa organisashonnan lokal. 


Kualke organisashon (sektor privá, gubernamental, NGO, akademia, invershonista òf instituto) lo por forma parti di e programa CAPP ku ta un komunidat global i un multitut di aktornan diversifiká. CAPP ta ofresé un plataforma digital pa krea mas konosementu pa apliká pa prosesonan di desaroyo, gobernashon, kapasitá un komunidat, siensia i monitoreo di polushon di plèstik.


“Gobièrnu di Kòrsou ta orguyoso di ta un di e promé paisnan flagship di e programa CAPP.  Gobièrnu di Kòrsou ta kere ku e esfuerso ta kompletamente aliniá ku e ophetivo ambiental nashonal pa redusí i eliminá plèstik mas tantu ku ta posibel, pa krea un ekonomia sirkular i kontinuá protehá naturalesa i medio ambiente. Tambe pa kontribuí ku sosten tékniko na tur inisiativa lokal. E ophetivo aki ta importante pa metanan sostenibel (SDG) i spesífikamente pa SDG 12.


“Kòrsou ta un pais inovativo riba área di ekonomia blou pa hopi aña kaba. E tim di CAPP ta enkantá di traha ku Kòrsou i otro paisnan pa krea un impakto lokal i ta un ehèmpel pa restu di e mundu segun e deklarashon di señor Arno Boersma, fundadó di e empresa sosial Island Impact.


“Ta un oportunidat maravioso pa tin e promé paisnan flagship den e programa CAPP, i nos ta spera di traha den un forma inovativo riba un solushon pa e problemátika di plèstik segun señor Doug Woodring, fundadó di Ocean Recovery Alliance.

Pa mas informashon relashoná ku Kòrsou su partisipashon por tuma kontakto ku:

Ciaretta Profas, Departamentu di Maneho, Ministerio di Salú, Medio Ambiente i Naturalesa


Pa informashon intenashonal, por tumam kontakto ku:

Doug Woodring

Ocean Recovery Alliance 


Hong Kong +852-9020-3949




Curaçao has joined the CAPP program, as one of its first partners, to help incubate and facilitate local, regional and global projects for reducing plastic pollution.


Willemstad, November 2020


In a world of growing environmental concerns and challenges, the Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution (CAPP) is a new global program which brings together transparency, community and action to reduce and eliminate plastic pollution.  The Caribbean island of Curaçao is one of the three partners to launch the CAPP program, representing the Caribbean region, and becoming part of CAPP’s international community which convenes to improve strategies, projects, outcomes, and research for reducing plastic waste.  


CAPP’s team of experts on plastic pollution, island economies, network design and collaboration , is pleased to announce its first three collaborating nations for the program, which along with Curaçao, include Fiji and Seychelles. Each of these “flagship” nations will bring CAPP’s knowledge, learning and programming back to their regions.  


Any organizations (corporate, government, NGO, academic, investor or institution) will be welcome in the CAPP program, a global community and a diverse set of stakeholders.  CAPP offers a digital platform for learning, tracking and scoring, applied knowledge for replicable processes, and action learning on topics of development, governance, community-building, science and the monitoring of plastic pollution. 


“Curaçao is proud to be an early collaborator with the CAPP Program”. The Government of Curaçao believes that this endeavor is fully aligned with the national environmental policy’s objectives of reducing plastic wastes, creating circularity, and continuing to protect the nature and environment in particular through its contribution in supporting technically all local environmental initiatives.  It is also fully aligned with SDG 12, targets 12.4 and 12.5.


“Curaçao has been an innovator in the sustainable blue economy for many years, so our collaboration comes at no surprise. We are delighted to work with Curacao and other islands to create impact that will inspire the rest of the world” explained Arno Boersma, founding partner of social enterprise Island Impact.  

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be have early collaborators Curaçao, Fiji and Seychelles join the CAPP program, and we look forward to working with them on innovations and solutions for plastic in its second life, so that plastic doesn’t become waste,” said Douglas Woodring, Founder and Managing Director of Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO that is committed to creating strategic, long-term solutions to reduce plastic pollution on land and water.  


For more information, please contact:

Doug Woodring

Ocean Recovery Alliance 


Hong Kong +852-9020-3949


About the CAPP Program:

The Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution brings together transparency, community and action to reduce and eliminate plastic waste. Members convene to discuss strategies, projects, outcomes, and research. They engage in formal training. They benchmark their performance and track their progress. They replicate and scale high-impact projects and programs with expert and peer mentoring ̶ moving their commitments into achieved milestones. The flagship nations that have joined as launching partners are Curaçao, Fiji, and Seychelles. In addition to the Ocean Recovery Alliance, other founders of the consortium are Island Impact, Columbia University, Influent Solutions, Frontline Waste.

More information can be found at http://www.CAPP.global


About Ocean Recovery Alliance

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an NGO based in Hong Kong and California, with over 10 years of focused work on bringing creative solutions to the reduction of plastic pollution to businesses, governments, education and the global community.  It has worked with the World Bank, UN Environment (UNEP) and Clinton Global Initiative, and was awarded the 2018 Prince’s Award from Prince Albert of Monaco for its work for the ocean across a broad spectrum of users, from youth, to companies and governments. It’s programs include the Global Alert app which allows people to report trash hotspots anywhere in the world’s waterways and coastlines, the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) – a methodology for businesses and governments to measure their plastic footprints, and the Plasticity Forum on innovations for plastic in its second life.  The group uses environmental entrepreneurship to bring awareness, education, innovations and solutions to reduce plastic pollution on a global scale, which can be replicated across communities in any country.

For questions about Fiji’s involvement please contact:

Mr. Joshua Wycliffe, Permanent Secretary & CEO, Ministry of Environment, Fiji


For questions about Seychelles’ involvement please contact:

Mr. Alain De Comarmond, Principal Secretary, Environment Department of Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Seychelles 


For questions about Curaçao’s involvement please contact:

Ms. Ciaretta Profas, Policy Advisor – Environment & Nature, Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature, Curaçao, ciarettaprofas@gobiernu.cw

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