Another scooter rider struck and injured again the Nisbeth road last evening. 


From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


          Philipsburg,  September 10th  2021



Traffic Department looking for public assistance regarding fatal traffic accident on Causeway last Sunday  

On September 05, 2021 between time of 06.15 pm and 06.30 pm a traffic accident had taken place on the Causeway Bridge where a motorcyclist was severely injured and later  passed away in the hospital on the French side .When this incident took place, the police were not notified until later in the evening.

Later that night the police  were informed of the incident only after persons removed the rider and the motorcycle from the scene of the incident. This created difficulties for the personnel of the traffic department who must carry out in-depth investigations as to what exactly had occurred at the location.     

During the investigation it was discovered that the biker had been riding together with a group of other bikers when the accident happened. 

Through this press release, we are requesting the community’s assistance to come forward assist the police with the necessary information  in other to better investigate this  tragic incident.  The personnel of the traffic department can be reached by e-mail:  or by telephone number 542 22 22, with extensions  241/239.

The Sint Maarten Police Force would like to remind the community that we have created the Whatsapp Feature: See Something, Share Something on our website. 

To further combat crime and assist the police with needed information, we encourage the community to be involved in the ongoing battle. It is imperative that if you, see something happening , you say something about it by reporting it to the police and most importantly, share that something or information for police assistance.






Another scooter rider struck and injured again the Nisbeth road last evening. 

A scooter rider suffered a fracture of the right thigh after a collision on Nisbeth road yesterday afternoon.  At approximately 06:30 pm on September 09, 2021, Central Dispatch received several call of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist who was injured in what appeared to be a near head-on collision with a white SUV.

Following the preliminary inquiry, it appears that the driver of the white SUV which was at the side of the road was given an opportunity by other drivers to drive onto the road in order to head towards Salt Pickers Roundabout.   

Meanwhile, a scooter rider was overtaking several vehicles from opposite direction and crashed head-on into the white SUV. The scooter rider was attended to by ambulance personnel at the scene and then transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment. His injuries are not life threatening.  

The Police Force Sint Maarten continues to warn scooter, and motorcycle riders, motorist about their behavior in traffic, especially during the busy hours of the afternoon. Serious accidents keep happening and the severity of the damages has and may eventually again result in the death of the rider or someone around them.

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