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Kòrsou a risibí riba 30 mil turista di estadia na ougùstùs 


Kòrsou a risibí riba 30 mil turista di estadia na ougùstùs 


WILLEMSTAD- 15 di sèptèmber 2021 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá un kantidat di 30.852 turista di estadia pa luna di ougùstùs. Ku e kantidat di turista di estadia aki, luna di ougùstùs 2021 a logra 79% di e kantidat registrá na ougùstùs 2019 esta promé ku pandemia. Na ougùstùs 2019 un total di 38.933 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou. Ougùstùs 2019 tabata un luna hopi fuerte pa loke ta trata kantidat di turista, mirando ku e tempu ei nos a risibí un kantidat di turista adishonal kual a bini nos pais den kuadro di e Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. Kòrsou a risibí 20.107 turista for di Hulanda na ougùstùs 2021. Ku e sifra aki por indiká ku ougùstùs ta e di dos luna konsekutivo ku Kòrsou a risibí riba 20 mil turista di estadia for di Hulanda den un luna so. 


Na ougùstùs, un kantidat di 22.770 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou for di Europa. For di Hulanda nos a risibí 20.107 turista, 1.056 for di Alemania i 482 for di Bèlgika. Di e turistanan europeonan, 60% a keda den un ‘resort hotel’ (esta hotèl grandi, chikí i bùngalo) na luna di ougùstùs. For di Estádos Unídos un kantidat di 4.349 turista a bishitá Kòrsou na luna di ougùstùs. Di e turistanan merikano, 70% a keda den un ‘resort hotel’. For di region di Sur Amérika un total di 1.657 turista di estadia a bishitá Kòrsou, 40% tabata prosedente di Colombia miéntras 20% tabata prosedente di Brazil. For di Karibe un total di 1.305 turista di estadia a keda risibí na ougùstùs. Mayoria di e turistanan aki ta prosedente di e paisnan den Reino Hulandes.

Na luna di ougùstùs un total di 11 barku krusero a bishitá nos pais ku un total di 11.850 turista krusero.

“Ku riba 30 mil turista di estadia na luna di ougùstùs por bisa ku rekuperashon den kantidat di turista a kue forsa. E desaroyo aki tabata posibel dor di e bon kolaborashon ku stakeholders lokal i tambe ku nos partnernan internashonal den nos merkadonan prinsipal. Si wak e kantidat di turista risibí durante e aña aki por bisa ku esaki ta kasi igual na e kantidat risibí na 2020 den e mesun temporada. Si e tendensia aki kontinuá nos lo tin kresementu kompará ku aña 2020 dentro di algun dia”, asina CEO di CTB, Paul Pennicook a remarká. 

Curaçao welcomes over 30,000 stayover visitors in August


WILLEMSTAD – September 15, 2021- The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 30,852 stayover visitor arrivals for the month of August. With these arrivals, August 2021 achieved 79% of the pre pandemic arrivals of August 2019, when we welcomed 38,933 stayover visitors. August 2019 was a very strong month for arrivals because back then we welcomed a number of additional visitors who flocked to the island for the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. 

Curaçao welcomed 20,107 Dutch visitors in August 2021, which makes it the second consecutive month we have welcomed over 20,000 stayover visitors from The Netherlands in a single month.


For August, there were 22,770 stayover visitors out of Europe. Twenty thousand one hundred seven (20,107) from the Netherlands, 1,056 from Germany and 482 from Belgium. Of these European visitors, 60% stayed in resort hotels in August. 

From the USA, we welcomed 4,349 visitors for August of which 70% stayed in resort hotels. 

From the South American region, we welcomed 1,657 visitors. Of the South America arrivals, 40% and 20% came from Colombia and Brazil, respectively. 

Out of the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 1,305 stayover visitors in August, primarily from the Dutch Kingdom islands. 

There were 11 cruise ship calls and 11,850 cruise visitors for the month of August.


“With over 30,000 stayover arrivals for August, there is now great momentum in our tourism recovery. Thanks in part to great partnerships with our local stakeholders as well as with our international partners in our main markets. On a year to date basis we are almost even with 2020 arrivals and as this trend continues we will have positive growth over 2020 in a matter of days,” commented CTB CEO, Paul Pennicook. 


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