Police seeks assistance with confiscated items / Supermarkets selling Alcohol to minors  /

From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  

              Philipsburg, Sunday October 4th  2021     

Police seeks assistance with confiscated items

The Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM is continuously working to halt the increase in vehicle thefts on both sides of the island. Over the last few weeks, several people were arrested for the possession of a stolen vehicle.

In the subsequent investigation in the stolen vehicles, it has become apparent that these suspects had damaged the VIN number and/or engine number of the vehicle in such a manner that it was almost impossible to trace the original owners. The detective department requests the community to assists them with locating the possible owners of the confiscated vehicles.

Police also request people whose vehicle has been impounded to visit the station in the Philipsburg Police Station and to collect their property as soon as possible. Impounded vehicles may be retrieved, with ownership paperwork, until October 21. 

It’s imperative that residents avoid buying possible stolen vehicles. Some buyers have no idea that these vehicles were stolen until it is too late. At that point, they are at a double disadvantage, because the vehicle will be confiscated, they will be arrested and their monies lost.

Police continues to work tirelessly to prevent vehicle theft, but only with the help of the community can the circulation of stolen vehicles to halted. 

If you or anyone you know may have information as to whom these vehicles belong, they can also contact the personnel of the Detective Department at +1 721 54 22222 or the anonymous tip line on 9300. You can also visit the website at http://www.policesxm.sx to report crime anonymously via the tip contact form, or you can leave a Private Message via our Facebook

Please find attached a series of photographs of impounded vehicles whose owners cannot be identified.


Supermarkets selling Alcohol to minors 

Over the last few of weeks, the Police Force of Sint Maarten  received various  complaints from parents about supermarkets selling alcohol to underage children. Owners of these establishments are well aware that their licenses prohibit the selling of alcohol to minors.  Furthermore, they are aware of the consequences of selling alcohol to minors as this is also stipulated in their license.   

These venues have to take into account that alcohol consumption by minors can be harmful to their health. Regular drinking of alcohol can lead to brain damage, disease and alcohol dependence (alcoholism).

Responsible retailing practices are key to preventing illegal alcohol sales. But it takes more than just telling your staff not to sell to minors. Responsible retailers need specific policies, backed up by training and accountability.

Think for a moment, Selling Alcohol to minors is a criminal offense. 


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