Awe nos paìs ta konose un atrakshon mas na momentu ku “mangrove park ” na Rif ta habri su portanan pa pùbliko

Curaçao Rif Mangrove Park

[TOUR SCHEDULE] There are many ways to explore the park at your own pace and time, however if you are looking to dig a little deeper into the history, flora and fauna of the park, we recommend you to join us on one of our guided tours!
Hiking tour (Duration 1 hour for max 20 people)
Time Schedule:
* Start 8:30 AM
* Start 10 AM
* Start 12:30 AM
* Start 2 PM
Kayak Tour (Duration 1 hour for max 10 persons)
We recommend you to reserve your tour up front. Send an email to
Time Schedule:
*Start 9 AM
*Start 10:30 AM
*Start 1 PM
* Start 2:30 PM

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