Posibel atentado na New York

Posibel atentado na New York 

Riba djaweps, 18 di mei, durante oranan di merdia, lunch break, tabata tin un kaso ku ta aparentá di ta un atentado na New York. Un outomobilista a kore drenta ku su vehikulo den un grupo di peaton na Time Square. E kantidat di persona heridá te ainda ta 19. Alabes tin un persona ku a pèrdè su bida. E vehikulo a risibí hopi sla i e shofer a keda detené pa agentenan polisial. Apesar di agentenan di NYPD i FBI, bomberonan tambe ta na e sitio pa ta sigur ku no tin bòm den e vehikulo. 

International flash breaking news just now,a car coming from 7th avenue crashed into pedestrians in time square in New York injuring 13 people and killing one at lunch time,the car is damaged and the driver is in the police custody,the scene is chaotic NYPD And FBI are present as well as bomb squad to make sure there is no bomb in the car…all this is happening as a routine procedure

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