World Cleanup Day – Lista akshonnan di limpiesa/ List cleanup efforts

Apresiabel miembro di prensa,

Manera ya ta konosí, mañan ta e gran dia di World Cleanup Day (WCUD) rònt mundu. I nos ta sumamente orguyoso ku Kòrsou tambe lo forma parti si esaki.
Nos lo apresiá bosnan sosten den sigui duna e inisiativa di boluntario aki atenshon den prensa mañan i den e dianan ku ta sigui.
Athunto bo ta risibí un lista ku e diferente areanan ku ta partisipá. Mirando ku e gruponan lo move den e areanan, nos ta rekomendá bo tuma kontakto ku e kordinadó di e area pa mas informashon parti mainta mañan, 15 di sèptèmber. Por fabor tuma nota ku mayoria akshon di limpiesa lo kuminsá entre 7:00AM i 7:30AM i terminá alrededor di 11:00AM (ku algun eksepshon). Esaki ta varia den kada area. Nos ke kompartí ku bo ku ministernan di gabinete Rhuggenaath lo djòn e akshon di limpiesa na Kura di Shon Fil (Otrobanda) kuminsando 8:00AM.
(Pa informashon, no pa publikashon)
Pa kualke informashon general di WCUD tuma kontakto ku: Maarten Schakel 5164337 òf Suparmy Goeloe 5266204.
Pa kualke informashon tokante di WCUD internashonal tuma kontakto ku: Corinne van Hal 5671123
Pa kualke informashon tokante WCUD den barionan na Korsou tuma kontakto ku: Lysayé de Windt 5161647
Pa kualke informashon tokante WCUD ‘bou di laman tuma kontakto ku: Hans Pleij 5132265
Nos ke pidi si bo tin kualke potrèt, por fabor kompartí esaki ku nos via e-mail
Den kaso di hopi awa seru, por fabor monitoriá e pagina di Facebook di World Cleanup Day Curaçao pa mas informashon.
Danki di antemano pa bo sosten.
Ban P’e Kòrsou!
Dear members of the press, 

As you know, tomorrow is the World Cleanup Day (WCUD) world-wide and we are extremely proud that Curaçao is part of it.
We would sincerely appreciate it if you can continue to shine a light on this volunteer innitiative in the press tomorrow and these next few days to come.
Attached you’ll find a list of the different areas where clean up efforts will be taking place. Seeing that the groups will be moving around in these areas, we suggest that you contact the area coordinator for more information tomorrow during the morning hours. Please note that most clean up activities will start between 7:00AM and 7:30AM and finish around 11:00AM (with a few exceptions). This varies per location. We would like to inform you that the ministers of Cabinet Rhuggenaath will join the clean up efforts at Kura di Shon Fil (Otrobanda) starting at 8:00AM.

(For your information – not for publication)

For any general information please contact: Maarten Schakel 5164337 or Suparmy Goeloe at 5266204
For any information regarding WCUD international please contact: Corinne van Hal 5671123
For any information regarding WCUD curaçao neighborhood cleanups please contact: Lysayé de Windt at 5161647
For any information regarding underwater cleanups please contact: Hans Pleij 5132265
Lastly, we would like to ask you to share any pictures you may have by e-mailing them to
In case of heavy rain, please monitor the World Cleanup Day Curaçao Facebook page for more information.
We appreciate your support!
Let’s do it Curaçao!

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