Taksistanan ta risibí kurso di Servisio na Kliente / Taxi Drivers Receive Customer-Service Training

Taksistanan ta risibí kurso di Servisio na Kliente


WILLEMSTAD- 19 di ougùstùs 2019 –  Den su afan pa sigui halsa e nivel di servisio i nos produkto turístiko, Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta ofresé taksistanan un entrenamentu dediká na ‘servisio na kliente’. E ‘Customer Service Training’, ku a wòrdu diseñá dor di Teamwork Curaçao tin komo ophetivo pa oumentá e nivel di servisio i eksperensia di e bishitante.  Un grupo di 30 taksista lo partisipá na e entrenamentu aki. Durante e kurso lo trata tópikonan manera ‘At your Service!’ (Na bo servisio / Na bo òrdu), ‘Effective Communication’ (Komunikashon Efektivo), ‘Handling with difficult situations’ (Kon pa atendé ku kliente den situashonnan difísil), ‘The Extra Mile’ (E mia èkstra), i finalmente lo hasi un revishon di tur tópiko ku a keda tratá. CTB ta deseá tur partisipante hopi éksito!



Impreshon fotográfiko di e grupo di taksistanan na komienso di e kurso ‘servisio na kliente’



Taxi Drivers Receive Customer-Service Training


WILLEMSTAD- August 19, 2019 –  In its ongoing efforts to raise the quality of service for the island’s tourism product, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is offering a training focussed on customer service to a group of 30 taxi drivers. The Customer-Service Training, prepared by Teamwork Curaçao, aims at raising the level of service and improving the experience that visitors will be taking back home. Some of the subjects covered during the training are: At your Service!, Effective Communication, Handling Difficult Situations and the Extra Mile, followed by a final review of all topics visited. The CTB wishes all the best to each and every participant!



Snapshot of the taxi drivers at the start of the customer-service training





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