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Sint Maarten Police press release of Friday September 13th 2019


Philipsburg, Thursday September 13th 2019

From: Acting   Head of P.R. Mr. E.S. Josepha  



Young man arrested for robbery on 2 Chinese supermarket  

In the ongoing investigation into the 2 armed robberies that took place on Wednesday September 11th 2019, the patrol form Philipsburg together with the Special Unit Robbery apprehended one of the suspects that supposedly was involve in this incident. The minor suspect with initials Y.R was arrested on Thursday September 12th 2019 about17.40 in the area of Dutch Quarter. After being detained the suspect was and brought over to the police station in Philipsburg and handed over to the S.U.R department for further investigation.   

Man arrested for Ill-treatment

On Thursday September 12th 2019, about 15.50 the police arrested the man with the initials R.I S in the Cole-Cay area.  An arrest warrant was issued for the suspect for an ill-treatment that took place on august 30th 2019. After being detained the suspect was brought over to the Philipsburg police station where he is being held for questioning.       

Man arrested for arson

On Friday September 13th 2019, approximately 01.50 am, the police patrol of Philipsburg was directed to the Madame Estate area, where a car was supposedly set on fire.  At the scene the patrol encounters a man with the initials K.G.A.S. who was suspected of committing arson. The suspect who is well known to the police was arrested and brought over to the police station in Philipsburg.  He was incarcerated pending further investigation.


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