Sint Maarten Police September 24th 2019 Accident on the W.J Nisbeth road. / Man arrested for Ill-Treatment. / Women arrested for trespassing at the Casino .


Philipsburg, September 24th 2019

From:  Acting head of P.R Inspector E.S Josepha  

                    POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Accident on the W.J Nisbeth road. 

 On Monday September the 23rd 2019 about 07.00 pm, the patrol of Philipsburg was directed Nisbeth road in the area of Bluepoint for a traffic accident. At the scene the patrol encountered a man lying on the ground who struck by a  blue pick-up with the number plate V-2912. From the information gathered, it was derived that vehicle was coming from the direction of Prince Bernard Bridge and struck the victim from the back. According to the investigation done at the scene by the traffic department, the pedestrian was struck while walking on road in the direction of the G.E.B.E. building. The victim suffered lacerations to his head and a fractured hip. After being treated by the personnel of the ambulance, the victim was transported to the SMMC for further treatment. The traffic department is still busy with this investigation.       


Man arrested for Ill-Treatment. 

On Monday September 23rd 2019, about 3.15 pm, the police patrol was dispatch to the Illidge road for ill-treatment. On the scene encounter the victim, who informed the patrol that he was ill-treated by the well-known mental patient G.F for no reason. The victim wanted to made an official complaint against the suspect. The suspect who was still at the location was arrested and brought over to the police station in Philipsburg where he incarcerated pending further investigation.      


Women arrested for trespassing at the Casino

On Tuesdays September 24th 2019 approximately 00.15 am, in the morning the patrol was directed to the Rouge et Noir Casino for an unwanted visitor. At the scene the patrol encountered the lady with the initials M.J.M who previously been banned from the casino. The suspect was requested to leave the premises of the casino, which she refused to do. Management of the Casino decided to make an official complaint of trespassing against the lady. The lady was arrested at the scene for trespassing and brought over to the police station. The suspect was later handed over to the detective department for further investigation.  



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