Sint Maarten police Jan 7th 2020


Philipsburg,   January 07 2020

From:  Acting head of communication Department Inspector E.S Josepha  




Election Day cooperation needed from the General Public. 

In a Parliamentary Election Press briefing held today, January 07th 2020, Chief of Police Carl John, Chief Inspector Gout and Interim Head of the KPSM PR department Inspector Josepha sat alongside of the members of central voting bureau, to reiterate the role of the Sint Maarten Police force within the upcoming elections; to be held on January 09th 2020. 

Election Day is expected to be a busy day for the island because not only will our people be out voting, but there will be 5 cruise ships in port on that day as well.  “Sint Maarten is expected to have over 23.000 +/- tourists on the island, not including the crew members of the vessels”, Chief of Police John informed, and that we have initiated operation: “all hands on deck”. We have requested the assistance from officers of the neighboring islands, Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba, to assist with maintaining public order on this day. 

It is imperative that the general public cooperate in helping the traffic to flow as freely as it possible by making use of the road only when necessary. The main focus of the KPSM will be to establish public order. In an effort to do so, we plan to have a live traffic feed broadcasted three (3) times throughout that day, via our Facebook page (Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint Maarten) in order to update the public on the traffic situation as it is taking place. Officers will also be placed at each polling station. We are asking the general public to cooperate with the taxi and tour bus drivers, as they may need to get through the traffic with police assistance to get back to the ships on time. 

The Sint Maarten Police Force would like to thank the general public in advance for their cooperation and wish everyone a safe upcoming election day. 


Immigration officers sworn in by Minister Justice 

The Minister of Justice the honorable E. Doran swore in 11 new members of the immigration department on during a ceremony that was held on Monday morning January the 06  2020.A ceremony commemorating the milestone was held in the main meeting room at the Philipsburg police station.

The 11 immigration officers did the theoretical part of their training in early 2018, followed by practical on-the-job training in 2019.

The St. Maarten Police Force and immigration department can now boast of having a new class of full-fledged immigration officers added to its service.

Minister of Justice E. Doran said, in his address on Wednesday, that he is very proud of immigration class 2018 whom 90% he knows personally.

During the ceremony 5 members of the Dutch detachment and 2 members Kmar took the oath before the Minister of Justice. These colleagues will support the police and immigration department during their work period on Sint.Maarten.

Special recognition was given to Inspectors Claudio Ellis and Hensley Roumou who completed their training for “Senior police Administration”, given at the Canadian Police Academy.      


Man arrested with large quantity of drugs during Traffic Stop. 

The police force of Sint.Maarten in its implementation of the end of year end safety plan held different traffic controls over the island. During one of these traffic controls that took place on the Welfare road in the early morning of January 6th 2020 a driver with the initials K.B was stopped. 


During an inspection that was done in connection with the technical aspects of the vehicle, a large amount of narcotics was encountered.


 The suspect immediately arrested by the patrol and brought over to the police station where he is being held for questioning. 




Arrest made for position of stolen scooter 


During a routine control done on Monday evening January the 6th 2020 the police stopped suspicious scooter rider that didn’t have a number plate on the scooter.   By closer inspection of the vehicle and documentation the police became aware that the vin-number of the scooter was tampered. 

The driver with the initials R.B was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. He was brought to the police station and held for further questioning. The scooter was also confiscated for further investigation.


Police arrested man with false license at police station  

A man with the initials D.V.M was arrested at the Philipsburg police station on Monday morning around 10.30 am for showing up at the police station with counterfeit license.  

The suspect appeared at the police station to pick up a car that had been taken into custody during a routine control.  While inspecting his documents, it turned out that he was in possession of a falsified driving license. He is being held at police station further investigation. The driver’s license has been confiscated.


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