Resultadonan Liga MCB Promé Divishon; 15-12-2021


Resultadonan Liga MCB Promé Divishon; 15-12-2021!

Jong Holland 6 – Victory Boys 1

E golnan di JHolland a keda anotá pa Jurensley Martina na 19 minüt
Mirco Colina Jr. na 24, 32 i 55 minüt
Dwaylon Maria na 75 minüt
Javier Roch na 88 minüt

Miéntras esun di VBoys a keda anotá pa Charles Martina na 53 minüt

Inter Willemstad 1- Scherpenheuvel 0

E gol a keda anotá pa Andruw Stokkel na 7 minüt

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