COVID-19 Update January 4th, 2022



COVID-19 Update January 4th, 2022

Fellow Statia Residents,

Tomorrow Wednesday January 5th is a week since Covid-19 positive cases have been detected on our island. The number of active cases is increasing, and many residents/families are in isolation and quarantine.

Statistics Tuesday January 4th at 12.00 Noon

  • Number of persons tested 75
  • Number of new positive cases 8
  • Total active cases 80

The Regular Vaccination, Booster Campaign and Testing for Covid -19 continue at the Hospitainer daily from 9.00 am until 4.00 pm daily until January 7th. There is a break between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm.

The Public Health Department continues with contact tracing of persons who have been in close contact with persons who tested positive for Covid-19

Another update takes place this evening.

Breaching Isolation/Quarantine is irresponsible:

The symptoms being experienced are generally mild. Although the numbers continue to increase there is no mass hospitalization. This is a main reason the debate continues as to whether the symptoms are the common flu or whether it is Covid-19. One thing we know is that Covid does not respect anyone. It does not move on its own. It needs a warm body to spread. It is invisible and can sneak into the privacy of your home. Before you know it you and your loved ones are affected. If your family, your community and the most vulnerable (residents with underlying health conditions and seniors) among us truly mean anything to you.  Please adhere to the rules.

People in who are in quarantine and isolation going to supermarkets is irresponsible. Let family members /friends do the shopping for you. To venture outside and to refuse to be tested is placing the community including your loved ones further at risk. Anyone who breaches the quarantine/isolation measures will be fined $ 500.

Why no lockdown?

There are calls for stricter measures, including a lockdown. The current situation does not warrant a lock down. As Outbreak Management Team (OMT) compared to two years ago there is more information available on how to act and the basis for making decisions. We will not make decisions based on fear rather on facts.

  • It is evident that most of the community is respecting the measures that are in place. Unfortunately, there are still a few persons who are not respecting the measures. Therefore, additional measures will be put in place to monitor loitering (hanging around on street corners at night). In the interest of Public Health and Safety loitering as in groups of more than 4 persons is as from today strictly prohibited. Loitering can be fined by law enforcement. Stricter measures will also come into effect for persons who do not adhere to the isolation/quarantine protocol. This will include a fine of $ 500. Police will carry out extra patrols and the Public Prosecutor’s Office will prosecute in case of violations of these measures and protocols. More information will be shared in the update for this evening.
  • The Public Health Department (GGD)  is of the professional opinion that a lock down is currently not necessary. The Dutch Institute for Health & Environment (RIVM) has advised along the same lines as the Public Health Department. The symptoms experienced by persons who tested positive for Covid-19 are generally mild.  At this moment there is one person admitted to hospital.

Additional Staff:

The Ministry of Public Health (VWS) has responded positively to our request for extra health personnel. Today an additional 4 nurses and a coordinator arrive on St. Eustatius for a period of 2 weeks. A nurse from Mental Health Foundation arrived earlier today and is supporting the ongoing actions at the Hospitainer.

They will be substituted by a team of 4 nurses from January 17th until March 17th.

The Public Entity St. Eustatius expenses gratitude to the persons who have agreed to support the GGD and QBMC during this outbreak.

Another update taks place this evening onShedding Light at  7.00

Let us not get tired!

Let us not get careless!

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