Curaçao International Airport remained operational at all times/ Brief lightning alert


Curaçao International Airport remained operational at all times/ Brief lightning alert

Willemstad – Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) has been, and continuous to remain, in close communication with the official departments that are monitoring the developments regarding hurricane ‘Matthew’. Curaçao International Airport remained operational during this period of severe weather. Apart from during a brief lightning alert, flights that remained as scheduled all arrived and departed as planned.

Lightning alert
On Friday afternoon at approximately 03:00PM CAP was informed by the Meteorological Department of possible lightning in the vicinity of the airport. There is a specific safety procedure in place the moment lightning is detected at a certain distance of the airport. This procedure entails that all personnel operating on the airside, for instance to offer services such as fueling, or assisting airplanes with parking, removal of suitcases and much more, are to leave that area until the danger of a lightning strike has passed. There was NO lightning strike at Curaçao International Airport. After approximately 45 minutes the danger of a lightning strike in the area of the airport passed and the airside operation continued as normal. During that period of time three commercial planes and one cargo plane had to wait to receive assistance for their departure or for airplane parking. Curaçao International Airport was at all times open and operational.

Flight information
Airlines may also take certain measures of their own during severe weather such as cancelling or postponing flights. Therefore, travellers are always advised to contact their airline directly for the latest information regarding their flight schedule. Curaçao Airport Partners will inform its aviation partners, airlines and travellers in case of a change in the status of the airport operations

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