Some relief for passengers stranded due to weather circumstances — Un tiki alivio pa biaheronan pegá dor di wer

Some relief for passengers stranded due to weather circumstances

Willemstad – Something that does not occur often at Curaçao International Airport: passengers stranded at the airport during the evening hours due to weather circumstances in another country. This was the case Monday evening at Curaçao International Airport. A stranded passenger is the responsibility of the airline, however weather circumstances are often times considered external factors that hinder a service offered. Notwithstanding above, the Curaçao Airport Partners Customer Service team, supported by the Airport Operations and the Safety officers, diligently worked over-hours in order to offer the passengers some relief during their unpleasant situation. Among others by continuously being present, offering information, supporting the airline, offering hotel options and bringing warm food, lemonade and water. CAP has also been in contact with the airline, CTB and governmental organizations and hopes the situation will be solved soon.

Un tiki alivio pa biaheronan pegá dor di wer

Willemstad – Algu ku no sa okurí hopi na Aeropuerto Internashonal di Kòrsou ta biaheronan pegá na aeropuerto durante oranan di anochi, dor di wer òf mal tempu na un otro pais. Esaki tabata e kaso Djaluna anochi na Curaçao International Airport. Un biahero pegá ta e responsabilidat di un kompania di aviashon, sinembargo mal tempu hopi biaha ta ser konsiderá komo faktor eksterno ku ta stroba e servisio ofresé. No opstante esaki, e tim di Customer Service di CAP, sostené pa e funshonarionan di Operashon i di Seguridat, ku hopi dedikashon a traha oranan largu p’asina trese e biaheronan un tiki alivio den e sirkunstansianan ménos plasentero. Entre otro dor di ta presente kontinuamente, ofresiendo informashon, dunando sosten na e aeroliña, ofresiendo opshon di hotèl i dor di trese kuminda kayente, limonada i awa. CAP tambe a keda den kontakto ku e aeroliña, CTB i organisashonnan gubernamental i ta spera ku e situashon lo wòrdu resolvé pronto.

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