​All suspects in Pompei-investigation taken into custody
The suspects E.R.M (65), D.F. (54), L.M.A.R. (50) and R.L.R. (47) who were previously detained in connection with the Pompei-investigation, have now been taken into custody. The Prosecutor requested the suspects to be remanded. The Judge of Instruction on Wednesday, November 9, ordered the suspects to be taken into the custody for eight (8) more days. 
This means that according to the Judge of Instruction there are grave presumption against the suspects regarding human trafficking (exploitation of girls working at the brothels – “animeermeisjes”), illegal confinement (locking up the girls), illegal employment and human smuggling. These criminal facts were committed between January 2014 and November 2016.
The suspects were arrested on November 1, 2016. Officers of the Kingdom Detective Cooperation Team, RST, assisted by members of the St. Maarten Police Force, KPSM the Dutch Royal Marechaussee and the National Detectives Agency held searches that day at the brothels El Capitan and Petit Chateau and at E.R.M.’s house.

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