Finalistanan di Strea Chikí Kiddi a bria na St. Maarten / CuraStars / Un Final di Strea Chiki hopi impreshonante

Finalistanan di Strea Chikí Kiddi a bria na St. Maarten

Resientemente nos finalistanan di Strea Chikí 2015 a partisipá na International Interscholastic Idol 2016 na St. Maarten. E paisnan ku a partisipá na e kompetensia aki tabata Kòrsou, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten i Anguila. Kada pais tabata tin 2 representante den kada kategoria di edat. Kòrsou a partisipá ku Roxenia Rozal i Sophie Torres.
Durante di e tremendo presentashon e públiko presente a lanta para i bati man pa nan.
Roxenia Rozal a sali e promé finalista den e kategoria di hóbennan di 13 te ku 18 aña i Sophie Torres a sali e ganadó apsoluto den e kategoria di 8 te ku 12 aña.
Riba e imágen por tuma nota di nos 2 ganadónan risibiendo nan trofeo i na momentu di nan partisipashon.


CuraStars and Star Academy’s main goal is to shape, educate and expose our talented people to fair, positive and recreational competition; an academy plus concept. CuraStars is a pro-active, innovative and visionary Show Competition which provides the people new ways to succeed and have their chance to become big Stars in the future.

CuraStars is very proud and satisfied to see our young talented people succeed and making great achievement for Curacao as well. Just to mention a few, there is Jill Frans, winner of CuraStars 2005 that has produced many hits during the last 10 years; Jill Frans is famous, and has her own popular entertainment band. Quinthony Thomasa, 1st runner-up as part of a duo in CuraStars 2005; he was the 1st runner-up at the Tumba Festival in 2006, and is today the popular singer of the well-known group in Holland.
Ilvia Gustina, the 2nd runner-up in CuraStars 2005 is today a sensation and one of the most talented singers in Curacao, the Antilles and Aruba, and with great potentials to become an international singer.
Gwensley Paula, winner of CuraStars Dance 2007, has attended a well-known Dance Academy in Rotterdam-Holland, and became a professional dancer and instructor.
Naomi Overman, winner of CuraStars 2008-2009, captivated Curacao’s heart with her beautiful voice, and had a great hit on the radio.
Shamiro Anita, 3rd runner-up in CuraStars 2008-2009, today a big star on the island of Curacao with many hits. He has already produced five great albums and has performed nationally and internationally many times during last 5 years.
The Brass-band TNT became the overall winner of CuraStars All Talent 2010, Klarvin Cijntje ended as the 1st finalist, and Harold Diels as the 2nd finalist. The talented young voice Alysha Winter won the prize of stimulation together with Geraldine Jansen.

We can mention many more names; Casimir Roosje, Tyzik Lispier, Dichi Wit, Sjaid Fonce, Harlianne Silvanie, Nehujael Martha, David Hugo, Letice Braun, Jonathan Soleana, Damisha Gregorio, Roxanne “Roxy” Rosario, Clayton Rosa, Michael & Bryan Wanga, Kimberly Martis, Rajiv Landaeta, Oriana de Castro, Noisette Varlack, Wendy-Jane Gomes, Zuemerik Veeris, Klarvin Cijntje and Alysha Winter, that competed in CuraStars All Talent, together with the talented Brass-band from Fuik.

CuraStars and Star Academy guide all the participants in a variety of workshops and trainings where they are being helped to develop their talent, also to obtain more experience, self-confidence and skills in their artistic life, and in their own personal life as well.


Un Final di Strea Chiki hopi impreshonante
CuraStars Strea Chikí tabata tin su Final djasabra ultimo na International School, kaminda 24 mucha hopi talentoso i bon prepara a partisipá en total, di kual tabata tin 20 di kanto i 4 di playback. Tur e finalistanan aki a duna un tremendo show na e publiko presente, pero manera den tur kompetensia semper mester tin un ganado. Den e kaso aki Strea Chiki ta tin dos ganado, unu di Kanto i unu di Playback.
Prome finalista: Lil Divas
Ganado: Gian Taro van Eiker

Di 4 finalista: Keony Corasol
Di 3 finalista: Reagan Constancia
Di 2 finalista: Roxenia Rozal
Prome finalista: Queenella Avastia
Ganado: Nichael Ridderstaat

Premio Disiplina:
Chrysander Leonora

Premio Popular:
Fayme Fransisco

Riba e imagennan athunto por tuma nota di tur e ganadonan i nan premiashon. CuraStars ke gradisi tur sponser ku e kere den e proyekto di Strea Chiki i pa a yuda duna e premionan na e finalistanan. I alabes na tur ku a partisipa na e anochi Final aki. Un danki na e partisipantenan mes i nan mayor(nan), tambe na medionan di komunikashon ku a yuda karga e proyekto positivo aki for di komienso.


Gassan Dannawi

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