Smashing Boxes: TEDxCuraçao a presentá nan tema pa 2017 / Smashing Boxes: TEDxCuraçao presents theme for 2017

Smashing Boxes: TEDxCuraçao a presentá nan tema pa 2017

WILLEMSTAD: Despues ku TEDxCuraçao a surpasá tur espektativa presentando un konferensia ku a kubri diferente aspekto di e tema ‘Bridging The Gap’ – ya kaba e organisashon di profeshonalnan boluntario a krea un lista di oradornan ku próksimamente lo hibabo na komprondé perspektivanan nobo. Meskos ku e aña aki, otro aña tambe lo tin un edishon di TEDxCuraçao. Pa aña 2017, lo tin komo tema ‘Smashing Boxes’. E kaminda ku nos ta skohe den bida ta dependé di diferente faktor. TEDxCuraçao ta retabo pa puntra bo mes: Bo tin dùrf pa eksplorá loke ta deskonosí, pa por krea un perspektiva nobo i bira loke realmente ta bo propósito? Bo tin sufisiente kurashi pa bai tras di loke bo ke? TEDxCuraçao ta invitabo pa ‘zoom out’, mira e panorama di bo bida i stòp di laga bo zona di kòmfòrt strobabo di alkansá bo metanan.

Djamars último na Déjà Vu den Pietermaai District a presentá e konferensia na invitado i patrosinadònan. Un bes mas e meta ta, pa trese tur esnan ku ta determiná i entusiasmá di por koutivá, inspirá i konektá huntu, den un evento. TEDxCuraçao ta un evento independiente i ta ofisialisá dor di TED bou di lisensia di Nephtalie Demei i organisá dor di TEDxCuraçao Foundation den kolaborashon ku empresa- i profeshonalnan ku ta kompartí e mesun ideal.

Mesora, ta anunsiá e promé orador konfirmá pa otro aña, sr. Mark Tigchelaar fundador di e kompania UseClark. Durante di e último 12 añanan UseClark a desaroyá un método di lesamentu ku den di dos mitar di 2017 lo ta optenibel na Kòrsou tambe. E método aki, spesialmente pa hende ku disleksia ta optimalisá e transferensia di informashon pa nos serebro i hasi esaki mas fásil i mas konfortabel pa apsorbá, prosesá i keda kòrda. TEDxCuraçao ta programá riba 13 di Mei 2017, e tema derivá for di ‘thinking outside the box’ ta invitabo hasi djis un tiki mas, otro aña lo ‘kibra’ e kaha kompletu. ‘Smashing Boxes’ lo figurá 10 orador i algun artista ku tabata tin kurashi pa sali for di nan zona di kòmfòrt pa alkansá ekselensia. Pa mas informashon por bishitá òf e página di Facebook pa kuminsá pone bo mes na altura di e próksimo TEDxCuraçao.


Smashing Boxes: TEDxCuraçao presents theme for 2017

WILLEMSTAD: TEDxCuraçao presented earlier this year in March a breakthrough conference that covered different aspects of their theme ‘Bridging The Gap’. The team of professional volunteers has started the creation of a new event that will take you to understand new perspectives.

‘Smashing Boxes’ is the theme for 2017. With this topic the organization will challenge visitors and other followers to ask themselves: Do I dare to explore the unknown? Reset your perception of reality and are you brave enough to go after what you want – whatever that may be? Zoom out, see the bigger picture and stop letting everyday life, expectations and comfort zones decide for you.

This week, past Tuesday the team of professionals presented the conference to sponsors and potential partners. The gathering that was held at Déjà Vu restaurant in Pietermaai District was well visited, as with all TEDx events the aim is to bring together enthusiastic and devoted speakers and audience members to inspire, activate and connect the bright minds of our community who are not afraid of change. TEDxCuraçao is an independently organized official TEDx event that operates under a TED license issued to Nephtalie Demei and organized by the TEDxCuraçao Foundation in cooperation with organizations and professionals that share the same ideal.

The first confirmed speaker for next year was also announced, Mr. Mark Tigchelaar. He’s the inventor of UseClark, an online platform that enables users to stay focused while reading long digital texts and retaining more information. An extra perk is that this tool can be used to help people with dyslexia. This method will be made available in Curaçao in the second half of 2017. TEDxCuraçao will be held on May 13 of 2017. The program will consist of 10 speakers, live entertainment, enjoyable food and drinks and ample opportunities to network with like-minded individuals. For more information please check their Facebook page and website



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