Armed robberies
The Special Robbery Unit is presently investigating three separate armed robberies:
The first one took place on Sunday January 22nd at Wang Yueng Restaurant on the Sucker Garden road at approximately 06.40 p.m. This is when a lone masked gunman dressed in dark clothing stormed into the building and held up cashier. He went on to steal an undisclosed amount of cash from the register and after committing this act fled the scene on foot.
The second one took place on Sunday January 22nd at Kim Sha Beach at approximately 09.45 p.m. this is when three unknown each with a firearm attacked a couple that were on the beach. The mail victim was beaten by the robbers and had to be transported to the medical center for treatment. The handbag and contents belonging to the female victim were stolen. After committing this act the robber fled away on foot.
The third robbery took place on Monday January 23rd at Yan Yan Supermarket on the Sucker Garden road at approximately 01.45 p.m. This is when two armed men armed with guns went into the establishment, held up the cashier and stole and undisclosed amount of cash. After committing this act the culprits fled in the direction of Hope Estate. A search to apprehend these suspects was done but had no positive results.

Car found close to shore in Great bay harbor
On Monday January 23rd at approximately 0900 a.m. police was called to investigate a case involving a vehicle that was found submerged at approximately 200 meters from the shore line in the vicinity of Walter Plantz Pier. The vehicle is a four door BMW which showed signs of being submerged for some time. The owner of this vehicle is still unknown. How this vehicle ended up where it was found also unknown and is being investigated. Thanks to the very good working relation between the local Coast Guard and Bobby’s Marina the vehicle was removed by barge and taken to pier at Bobby’s Marina. The vehicle was then transported by tow truck to the police head quarters for a thorough Forensic investigation. ( See pic attached)


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