InselAir Curacao and InselAir Aruba are airworthy and safe to fly


InselAir Curacao and InselAir Aruba are airworthy and safe to fly
Willemstad, Curacao. Recent newspaper articles reported from various sources that both InselAir Curacao and Aruba were unsafe. Both Civil Aviation Authorities of Curacao and Aruba constantly perform oversight exercises on the operations of the two airlines. Both airlines do respond immediately to any findings that for which they are made aware and do present their correctives measures to the Aviation Authorities for their approval.

InselAir is aware of the fact that the Dutch Civil Aviation Inspectorate has recently visited Aruba and Curacao and met with the representatives of both airlines, including their Chief Executive Officers. They requested to perform spontaneous audits to which both airlines had no objections. Contrary to the information being circulated by the media, both local and abroad, both airlines remain until now unaware of any findings from the Dutch Civil Aviation Inspectorate that would have an effect on the airworthiness of their operations.

Pleasantly surprised
Upon the briefing received after the audit the inspectors said that they were pleasantly surprised with the conclusion of the findings in all of the following areas: Flight Operations, Operation Control Center, Safety and Security, Training, Scheduling, Quality and Maintenance of InselAir Curacao. 
Safety always priority
This independent audit performed by the Dutch Civil Aviation Inspectorate brings to the management of both airlines a further high level of comfort as to the quality of the internal oversights performed by its quality personnel.

InselAir Curacao and Aruba safe to fly
Currently neither of the airlines have major pending technical and operational findings with their respective Aviation Authority. The ongoing grounding of the MD fleet in Aruba is due to a position taken by the Aviation Authority of Aruba in support of the government of Aruba that took the decision to freeze the bank account of the airline due to arrears in payment of taxes.


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