Money seized from travellers

On Friday July15th 2017, at approximately 02.00 p.m. a routine control was conducted by the Alpha Team at the Princess Juliana Airport. A man with the initials B.F.G who was travelling off island with his wife and two kids were subjected to a routine control. During this control a large sum of money was discovered and which was divided among the family. The money that was discovered was more than the legal limit of $ 10.000, – and which was not declared to the customs.

By order of the local prosecutor, the money was confiscated and an investigation was launched. No arrests were made at this time. The Alpha Team is a multidisciplinary team that consists of members of the local Police Force (KPSM), the Immigration Department, the Royal Marechaussee and the Customs Department. Since the recent installation of the Police Sub-station at the Princess Juliana International Airport, travellers will notice an increase in police visibility and routine police controls. These controls are specifically done in the efforts to curb and prevent all illegal acts that can be committed at the airport and to ensure the overall safety for the travellers.”

Police trainees organize “Fit 4 Justice” Sports event
As part of their training, the Basic Police Training class for the years 2016-2018 took on the task to organize the first “Fit 4 Justice” Sports event. The intention is to make this a yearly sports event during which all departments within the Justice Chain would come together in the spirit of “Team Building” to compete against each other in a social and friendly atmosphere in various fitness activities. This sports event took place on Sunday July 9th at the Walter Plantz Square from 09.00 a.m. until 02.00 p.m. The teams that participated were the Coast Guard, House of Detention (Prison), Customs Department, Immigration Department, Sint Maarten Voluntary Corps (VKS) and the Police Department (KPSM). The Sint Maarten Fire Department was also invited to take part in this event as a “Special Guest”.
The competitors competed in a running race, swimming, tire-flips, push-ups, sit-ups and tug-of-war. The event was as successful event. The winners were capturing First place the Police Department, Second place VKS and Third place the Fire Department. The event was the closed off with a lunch. Special thanks go out Nagico Insurances, Penha, Printees, Indian Merchant Association, Balerina Jewelers, Kohinoor, General Auto Repairs, Marshal Motors and Allan Bistro for their sponsorship in making this event a success. (See pics attached)

Police Departments executes project
On Tuesday July 18th the police department started with the execution of one of several projects that has been planned for this period. This project will include traffic controls, handing out fines for traffic violations, increase in patrols in vehicles, bicycle and foot patrols in the Philipsburg and other areas were tourists frequently visit. In general the visibility of police patrols will be noticeable.
There will controls on illegal drugs and weapons at different locations on the island. Police controls and police presence were definitely noticeable on Tuesday. These controls will continue indefinitely. (See pics attached)


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