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Sint Maarten POLICE PRESS RELEASE 07052019-2


Philipsburg, May 7th 2019

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON                         

                        POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Two suspects arrested

On Tuesday May 7th in the early morning hours a raid was held by police at a house in the area of Dutch Quarter. This raid was held based on information gathered in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation. During this raid two men identified with initials C.E.F. (45) and C.A.G.W. (26) were both arrested for the possession of illegal drugs and for residing illegally on the island. Both suspects remain custody for further investigation.

Two men commit armed robbery

On  Monday May 6th at approximately 09.40 P.M. police patrols and Detectives from the Special Unit Robbery were sent to a house on Apricot road to investigate an armed robbery which had taken place shortly before. On the scene the investigating officers encountered several Venezuelan nationals claimed that were victims of an armed robbery. They stated that two men one of which was armed with a gun and dressed in dark clothing entered the premises and under threat of the gun robbed them of the money and other personal items. After committing this act both men fled the scene on foot. No suspect has been identified or arrested in this case.

Two arrested for drugs possession

Based on information received on Sunday May 5th in the evening hours regarding two suspicious men driving in a vehicle in the area of Jump-up casino, a police patrol was sent to investigate the situation. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the vehicle in question in which two men were driving and from which a strong scent of a marihuana was coming. A search of the vehicle was done and a considerable amount of marihuana was found.  Both suspects identified with initials H.D and H.T. were arrested on the spot. The marihuana and vehicle they were driving in were confiscated for further investigation. The suspects remain in custody for further questioning.

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