Aktividatnan laboral na Emmabrug Work activities at the Queen Emma bridge

Aktividatnan laboral na Emmabrug

Curaçao Ports Authority ta informá ku Emmabrug lo ta será pa peaton riba djabièrnè 28 di yüni 2019 entre 8or di mainta pa 1or di mèrdia enkonekshon ku aktividatnan laboral na e brug.
E fèrinan lo ta disponibel durante e orario aki pa transporte entre Punda i Otrobanda i vise vèrsa.

Work activities at the Queen Emma bridge

Curaçao Ports Authority hereby informs that the Queen Emma bridge will be closed for pedestrians on Friday June 28th between 8:00 AM till 1:00 PM due to work activities at the bridge.
The ferries will be available during this time for transportation between Punda and Otrobanda and vice versa.

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