CTB ku eksitoso partisipashon na Global Travel Marketplace / CTB with Successful Presence at Global Travel Marketplace

CTB ku eksitoso partisipashon na Global Travel Marketplace


WILLEMSTAD- 30 di ougùstùs 2019 –  Resientemente a tuma lugá e Global Travel Marketplace (GTM) na The Diplomat Resort na siudat di Hollywood, Florida, Estádos Unídos. GTM ta un evento den kual ta konektá asesornan tòp den industria di biahe i turismo ku proveedónan di biahe global. GTM ta ofresé un plataforma na unda partisipantenan por mehorá nan produkto, konosementu, i fortifiká e laso ku proveedónan miéntras tin oportunidat di hasi kontaktonan nobo. 


E aña aki tabata e promé bia ku Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a partisipá i a wòrdu kompañá pa Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino komo partner den sektor privá. Total, a kondusí 52 sita ‘one-on-one’ di 6 minüt kada un, den kual a topa ku agentenan di biahe ku tabata interesá di haña sa mas di nos destinashon. Durante di e ‘one-on-one’ a duna e agentenan di biahe informashon aktualisá di nos destinashon, atrakshonnan i paketenan di fakansi atraktivo pa e próksimo temporada. CTB ta konsiderá GTM un plataforma interesante pa promové Kòrsou, teniendo kuenta ku GTM ta ofresé agente di biahe ku ta buskando un produkto mas eksklusivo. Tabata alentador pa tuma nota ku hopi agente di biahe ku a aserká e delegashon di Kòrsou ya tabata konosé nos destinashon i a wòrdu aserká previamente dor di nan klientenan pa un reservashon. CTB ta kontinuamente en buska di plataforma- i kanalnan di benta nobo den kual por posishoná Kòrsou. Den e kaso di GTM, por bisa ku tabata un partisipashon eksitoso i ku ya ta dunando su frutanan. 



Fotonan di Global Travel Marketplace 2019


CTB with Successful Presence at Global Travel Marketplace


WILLEMSTAD- August 30, 2019 – The Global Travel Marketplace (GTM) was recently held at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida. GTM is an event connecting the top travel and tourism-industry consultants with global travel providers. It serves as a platform allowing participants to hone their product, gain know-how and strengthen existing ties to providers, while also gaining new connections. 


This year, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) participated for the first time in the event, joined by its private-sector partner the Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino. The delegation had 52 one-on-one encounters of 6 minutes each with travel agents interested in learning more about the destination. During these “one-on-ones,” the travel agents were given updated information on the destination, the island’s attractions and interesting vacation packages for the upcoming season. The CTB sees the GTM as an attractive platform for promoting Curaçao, making it possible to connect with travel agents who are on the lookout for more exclusive destinations.

It was encouraging to see that many travel agents approaching the Curaçao delegation already knew about our destination and had previously been approached by its customers for a reservation. The Curaçao Tourist Board continues to look for new sales platforms and channels through which to position the island, and we can confidently say that the island had a successful presence at the GTM—one that is also already bearing fruit. 



Snapshots of the Global Travel Marketplace 2019


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