Philipsburg, December 9th 2019

From:  Acting head of P.R Inspector E.S Josepha  

                    POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Retirement ceremony for Chief Inspector R.V Henson

The Sint Maarten Police Force proudly celebrated the retirement of Chief Inspector Ricardo V. Henson, on Friday 6th December at the Philipsburg station, with a ceremony in his honor.  

During the ceremony several persons expressed their gratitude for the tireless and self less dedication Inspector Henson portrayed throughout his 44 years in service with the Sint Maarten Police Force.

Among those that expressed their heartfelt farewells and share a bit of insight into the years spend working with the Sint Maarten police force, were Minister of Justice Egbert Jurendy Doran, the commander of VKS Antonio Rogers, Chief of Police Carl John and many other friends and family members. Emotions ran high as persons expressed their gratitude for a job well done. 

Chief Inspector Henson started his career with the Sint Maarten Police Force in December 1975 where he worked in various departments.  In 2007 Henson took on the task of heading the Communication department, of the police force, where he became the voice and face of police force until his retirement on 1st December 2019. 

Chief Inspector Henson was sent off in grand style with the sounds from Dow Steel pan entertainment as well as the drum band, who lead colleagues, friends and family around the police station for one last hooray as an officer. 

In appreciation for over 44 years of loyal and dedicated service to the People St. Maarten, we the members of the KPSM, wish you all the best in your new retired life.

Exporting Vehicles 

The KPSM Traffic Department would like to wish the general public Season Greetings and announce the upcoming schedule for stamping of documents for vehicles to be exported. 

As most are aware the regular days for trying to obtain a stamp are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm but because of the upcoming holidays the schedule was adjusted temporarily. All stamping of documents, for vehicles to be exported, will take place at the Philipsburg Police Station. 

There will be no stamping on the following days: 

Wednesday December 25th 2019

Monday December 30th 2019

Wednesday January 1st 2020

Friday January 3rd 2020.

Stamping will resume on Monday January 6th 2020.

Please take note of the items you must have when exporting a vehicle.

(Non-resident of Sint Maarten) For exporting vehicles the following documents are required if you buy a vehicle on Sint Maarten:

  1. 1. The inspection card (original) old or recent 
    The Bill of sale 
    3. A letter indicating where the vehicle is being exported to
    4. Copy of identification of the seller and buyer.
    5. The vehicle must be inspected by our representatives. 
    6. Insurance certificate of the vehicle in question (old or recent).

(Resident of Sint Maarten) Are you the owner of this vehicle and you are exporting it elsewhere:

  1. The inspection card (original) old or recent 
    2. A letter indicating where the vehicle is being exported to
    3. Copy of Identification of Owner. 
    4 The vehicle must be inspected by our representatives.

House on fire in Guana-bay 

On Saturday afternoon December 7th 2019 the Central dispatch directed the police and the fire department to a home in the Guana –bay area that was said to be fire.

 At the residences the patrol were met with smoke coming from the home. The Fire department, who were already on the scene, battling to extinguish the fire.  Clouds of black smoke were seen in the air from the building fire.  

The fire was quickly extinguished by the personnel of the Fire department; the cause of the fire has not been established as yet. 

A investigation into the cause of the fire is being handle by the Fire department.  

Couple arrested following  domestic dispute 

The police dispatch center received a call about a fight that was taking place in Ebenezer area early Sunday morning December the 8th 2019.

Upon arrival on the scene, patrol encountered a male with initials P.L and female F.E couple who were both suffering from injuries.  According to the information gathered, that the male and female had a disagreement which quickly became heated and lead to a fight emerging between the two. 

 The male suspect had sustained injuries inflicted by a knife used by the female suspect and the female subject had appeared to be severely beaten by the male.  The lacerations received by the male subject were only superficial. None of the wounds received during the fight were life threatening. They were both treated on the scene by the ambulance personnel. 

 After being treated, the couple were both arrested and brought to the police station in Philipsburg pending further investigation.  

Arrest made for falsified documents  

On Friday, December 6th and 7th 2019 arrests  were made by officers at the PJIA Immigration Border of 3 person in possession of falsified travel documents. 

The first arrest made was of Dominican Republic national with initials A.S.F.N. who was in possession of a falsified Guatemala passport. The passenger’s final destination was intended to be Paris, France

The second were two Dominican Republic nationals, one female bearing initials of D.R.P. A.I. and one male bearing initials of S.E.A.A. The female passenger was in possession of a falsified Costa Rican Passport while the male passenger was in possession of a falsified Guatemala Passport.  Both travelers arrived on the Caribbean Airlines, Port of Spain flight. 

All three passengers were handed over to the Alpha team for further investigation.


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