Sint Maarten Police: Arrest at PJIA for Human smuggling

Arrest at PJIA for Human smuggling


On Monday, February 3rd, 2020, the Human Trafficking & Smuggling Unit of the Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM), together with the help of the Alpha team, arrested a male at the Princess Juliana International Airport, who was trying to leave Sint Maarten, in connection with an ongoing case of Human smuggling named “Eagle”. 


After the arrest, the suspect J.A.P. was brought to the Police Headquarters in Philipsburg, where he was questioned by the detectives of the Human smuggling unit and remains in custody. Due to the preliminary investigation, the Sint Maarten Police Force will not give any further information at this moment.


This investigation is being carried out by the Human Trafficking & Smuggling Unit, which consists of members of the Sint Maarten Police Force and the Royal Dutch Marechaussees (KMar). Combating human smuggling and human trafficking is one of the priorities of the Sint Maarten Police Force and the Prosecutor’s Office.


The Unit Human Trafficking & Human Smuggling can also be reached on working days between 8 am and 4 pm to report these serious types of crime, call on 542 22 22 Ext. 604 or 614. Or call 911 for immediately assistance if you see suspicious or criminal behavior. See something? Say Something! 


Two self made weapons confiscated from inmates

Following an altercation that took place at the Point Blanche prison on Saturday 1st of February, the Sint Maarten Police Force were immediately called in by the prison guards to conduct a full investigation in to what took place leading up to the incident. 

The altercation, involved three (3) inmates with initials F.G., J.M.G and B.F. according to the reports received by the prison guards. Inmate J.M.G sustained minor cuts; while inmate F.G was in need of medical attention at the Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) from his wounds he received. Both inmates injures were said to have been caused by self-made weapons which were immediately confiscated following the altercation.

Detectives approached all parties that were said to be involved, for a statement into what took place leading up to the altercation, but all inmates were reluctant to provide any information. A second attempt was made to gain information from the inmates on February 4th, but to no avail. No arrests were made by the Sint Maarten Police Force detectives thus far, due to this fact.


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