Sint Maarten Police: Students arrested for having firearm 

Philipsburg,  February 18th  2020



Students arrested for having firearm 


The dispatched center received several calls on Tuesday morning around 08.00 am, concerning a group of students in the area of South Reward who should be in possession of firearm. 


The callers informed the dispatch center that the three (3) young men with the firearm were sitting by the high school in South Reward, and that one of the student had the firearm in his backpack. 


At the location officers encountered three young men who began acting very nervous when approached by police. They were requested hand over their backpacks so they could checked by the officers.


In the backpack of one of the students the police officers encountered a black colored firearm.  


The three (3) minor suspects with the initials J.C.L, S.L and J.L, were immediately arrested by the police patrol and the gun was a confiscated.


All three minors suspects were all brought over to the police station in Philipsburg for further questioning. After being questioned, they were  handed over into the custody of their parents. This investigation is still ongoing.  


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