Health Care Division Complaint handling procedures:

Health Care Division Complaint handling procedures:


The tasks of the health care division of the inspectorate are supervision and enforcement of healthcare laws for institutions and healthcare professionals. The division is also charged with the supervision of local education programs for health care professionals.

Everyone is entitled to good quality health care according to international norms and standards.

If the care is not satisfactory, patients have the right to complain to the health care institutions/ professionals first, a copy can be given to the health division of the Inspectorate. 

In accordance with the law, all health care establishments must have a complaint system.

If after 8 weeks the complaint or grievance has not been remedied the inspectorate may then commence with an investigation of the complaint.

To submit a complaint to the Inspectorate it must be in writing.

The letter must state the following:

  • It must address the medical professional by name.
  • It must state clearly the reason for complaint
  • It must state what end result you would want.
  • All complaints must be truthful.


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