ANNOUNCEMENT Second Extension on the filing of Tax returns.


Second Extension on the filing of Tax returns.


The Inspectorate of Taxes previously announced, based on Art. 9 paragraph 1, Algemene Landverordening Landsbelastingen (ALL), the extension of the filing of Wage and Turn over tax returns for March 2020 was postponed to May 4, 2020. However, as the state of emergency that we are currently under was extended with three (3) weeks, the Inspectorate of Taxes has decided to grant a second (automatic) extension for filing and paying the March 2020 Wage and TOT tax to May 15, 2020. (In the event a third extension will become necessary, the public will be duly informed). 


March 2020 Wage and TOT tax, AOV/AWW and AVBZ premiums (filing and payment)


  • Due date: April 15, 2020              Postponed to: May 15, 2020


You are kindly requested to make payments prior to May 15, 2020 if you are in a position to do so using online banking or via bank transfer.


As was previously announced, the:

2019 Provisional profit tax return (filing and payment)

  • Due date: March 31, 2020              Postponed to: June 30, 2020


2019 Income tax return (filing)

  • Due date: May 31, 2020                Postponed to: August 31, 2020


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