Introdukshon Plan di Rekuperashon pa Turismo di Kòrsou / Introduction to a Tourism Recovery Plan for Curaçao

Introdukshon Plan di Rekuperashon pa Turismo di Kòrsou


WILLEMSTAD- 19 di mei 2020 –  Resientemente durante di un konferensia di prensa Minister di Desaroyo Ekonómiko sra. Giselle Mc William huntu ku Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB), Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) i Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH) a presentá e promé fase di un plan di rekuperashon pa turismo. Manera konosí den kuadro di e desaroyonan di e pandemia Covid-19 turismo na Kòrsou a keda kompletamente paralisá. E plan ta enserá introdukshon di turismo na Kòrsou di forma kontené kaminda ta aseptá un grupo selekto di turista pa bishitá Kòrsou. Di e forma aki gradualmente por kuminsá restourá aktividatnan ekonómiko i na mes momentu stimulá empleo. Ku e plan aki ta kuminsá promové e destinashon Kòrsou di tal manera ku lo por ta adelantá riba nos kompetensia. 


Lo kuminsá promé ku Hulanda komo e merkado primario konsiderando ku ya Kòrsou ta risibiendo buelonan semanal for di Hulanda. Pa e plan di rekuperashon CTB a identifiká 6 grupo di enfoke; esta turistanan ku kier keda pa un tempu largu, personanan ku ta skohe pa ehersé nan trabou for di diferente destinashon hasiendo uso di teknologianan digital di telekomunikashon, personanan ku tin un di dos kas na Kòrsou, personanan prosedente di Kòrsou ku ta biba den eksterior, profeshonalnan ku lo mester bishitá Kòrsou pa traha den un grupo di trabou i esnan ku skohe pa keda ménos ku 14 dia. E delaster grupo lo disfrutá di su vakashon solamente bou di e kondishonnan mará na e periodo di karentena.


E proposishon di benta pa e promé fase lo ta dirigí riba benta di paketenan na personanan interesá den biaha pa Kòrsou pa un mínimo di 7 dia i un máksimo di 180 dia i ku ta dispuesto pa bai den karentena obligatorio e promé 14 dianan na un akomodashon designá. Despues di e periodo di e 14 dianan di karentena obligatorio e bishitante ta hasi un tèst di Covid-19 i sí esaki resultá negativo e bishitante ta liber pa skohe un otro akomodashon i tambe disfrutá di nos pais naturalmente teniendo kuenta ku tur e reglanan aplikabel pa e komunidat lokal. Den kaso ku e bishitante kier keda ménos ku 14 dia e lo disfrutá di su vakashon solamente bou di e kondishonnan mará na e periodo di karentena. CHATA a hasi un sondeo pa asina tin un indikashon di e hotèlnan ku lo ta disponibel pa fungi komo un hotèl di karentena. Ministerio di Salubridat, Medio Ambiente i Naturalesa (GMN) a proveé reglanan di protokòl pa tantu e hotèlnan ku lo fungi komo hotèl di karentena komo tambe e otro hotèlnan. Hotèlnan lo introdusí proseduranan standart inkluyendo nombramentu di un persona enkargá ku e parti di protokòl di higiena i e empleadonan lo risibí training di entre otro GMN  i CHATA. Durante e konferensia di prensa, CHATA a presentá Minister Mc William un kopia digital di e ‘Best Practice Protocol Report’. E rapòrt a keda trahá pa e ‘New Normal Committee’ di CHATA den kolaborashon ku Ministerio di Desaroyo Ekonómiko (MEO) i GMN. 


Den e promé fase e plan lo ta dirigí riba elementonan ku ta kuadra ku e realidat kual nos ta aden na e momentunan aki. Lo pone énfasis riba elementonan manera trankilidat i e solo, playa i santu kual ta e ingredientenan pa laga e persona por rekargá su mes. Den e promoshon CTB lo pone énfasis riba Kòrsou komo un sitio seif, un santuario, un kaminda pa bo por bai pa ta leu for di tur loke ta pasando. E promoshon lo inkluí e mensahe; Curaçao, your home away from home, now available. E plan di promoshon ta inkluí kampañanan digital, aviso den korantnan na Hulanda i tambe komunikadonan pa prensa hulandes.


Na yegada di e pasaheronan na Aeropuerto Internashonal Hato nan lo pasa konforme e proseduranan ya  stipulá na aeropuerto pa e parti di chekeo serka funshonarionan di GMN. Tur pasahero lo mester sigui e reglanan di higiena stipulá na aeropuerto. Tin diferente bòrchi di indikashon referente distansia sosial i demas reglanan di higiena pa asina e pasaheronan ta na altura. 


Pa klousurá Minister Mc William ta indiká ku pa e plan ta eksitoso e ta rekerí trabou di ekipo i reglanan stringente di higiena. Ta start chikí di forma kontrolá pa basá riba evaluashon kontinuo gradualmente por sigui ekstendé e konsepto pa otro akomodashonnan i merkadonan. Huntu nos por sigui avansá pa traha riba rekuperashon di Kòrsou su aktividatnan ekonómiko. Nos mester kuminsá habri nos turismo bèk di un manera ‘smart & safe’. 


Introduction to a Tourism Recovery Plan for Curaçao


WILLEMSTAD- May 19, 2020 – In a recent press conference, the Minister of Economic Development, Ms. Giselle Mc William, together with the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) and Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH), presented Phase 1 of a Tourism Recovery Plan. As is well known, the island’s tourism is completely paralyzed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan entails reintroducing tourism on Curaçao in a contained manner, accepting a select group to come and visit the island, thus gradually restoring economic activities and stimulating employment. The plan will allow us to start promoting Curaçao as a destination ahead of the competition. 


The focus will be on the Netherlands as the primary market, considering that Curaçao is already receiving weekly flights from this country. For the recovery plan, the CTB identified six focus groups: tourists looking for an extended stay, digital nomads, those who have a second home in Curaçao, people from Curaçao living abroad, task force professionals and those opting to leave within 14 days, this group will only experience their vacation under the pre-stipulated quarantined conditions. 


For Phase 1, the sales proposition will be aimed at selling packages to persons interested in travelling to Curaçao for a minimum of 7 and up to 180 days and who are willing to stay in mandatory quarantine for the first 14 days at designated accommodations. After the 14-day period, visitors will be tested for COVID-19 and, as long as the results are negative, will be free to book any other accommodation and enjoy our country, subject of course to the same rules that apply to the local community. Visitors who wish to stay for less than 14 days may enjoy their vacation only subject to the conditions that apply during the quarantine period. CHATA conducted a survey to have an indication of which hotels would be available to serve as quarantine hotels. The Ministry of Public Health, the Environment and Nature (GMN) has provided a protocol for hotels that will serve as quarantine hotels, as well as others. Hotels will be putting standard procedures in place, such as the appointment of a person in charge of the hygiene protocol. The personnel will receive training from, among others, GMN and CHATA. During the Press Conference, CHATA presented a digital copy of the ‘Best Practice Protocol Report’ to Minister Mc William. CHATA’s New Normal Committee in collaboration with Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) and GMN created this report. 


The first phase of the Tourism Recovery Plan will revolve around elements that fit well with the current reality, such as tranquility, sun, sea and sand —the ingredients people need to be able to “recharge.” The CTB’s promotion will present Curaçao as a safe haven, a sanctuary; somewhere you can escape to and be far away from all that is happening. The promotion will feature the message; Curaçao, your home away from home, now available. The promotional plan includes digital campaigns, newspaper ads in the Netherlands, as well as press releases to the Dutch media.


Upon arrival at the Curaçao International Airport, passengers will go through check-in procedures already in place, handled by the Ministry of GMN’s personnel. All passengers will have to follow the airport’s hygiene directions. Signs have been placed at different locations in the airport, informing passengers on the social-distancing and other hygiene procedures in place. 


Minister Mc William stated in conclusion that, for the plan to succeed, good teamwork and strict hygiene procedures are a must. The concept will be rolled out on a small and controlled scale and, based on continuous evaluations, be gradually extended to other accommodations and markets. Together we can continue working out Curaçao’s economic recovery. We must reopen our tourism—smartly and safely.



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