Police requesting information on second suspect in fatal shooting case of July 27th 2020  


From:  Interim Head of Communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  

Philipsburg, January 20th 2021


Police requesting information on second suspect in fatal shooting case of July 27th 2020  

Police are continuing the investigation into the shooting that took place on July 27th 2020 where a man lost his life on the Hyssop Road, in Cay Hill. During the investigation it emerged that a second person must have been involved in the shooting. 

On Tuesday January 12, 2021, the detective department arrested the first suspect with the initials M.R in connection with the fatal shooting which resulted in the death of J.B.A. 

After the arrest of the suspect, M.A. a search of the suspect’s home was carried out. In the house of the suspect various items of evidence, such as a firearm, were seized. 

While investigating the confiscated goods, it would appear that other persons should have more information on what exactly took place on Hyssop road on the night of July 27th 2020.

Even though this comprehensive investigation is still slowly progressing, the detective department is requesting the public to provide any additional information, that can serve to help solving this case.


The investigating team can be reach on 5422222 ext 105, 210 or 219. Or by calling the anonymous tip line on 9300 (free of charge). 


You can also visit the website at http://www.policesxm.sx to report crime anonymously via the tip contact form. Or you can leave a Private Message via our Facebook page (Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint Maarten) if you know or suspect something. This investigation is ongoing.


Missing teen returns home

The Sint Maarten Police Force would officially like to inform everyone that Angreille Pamilly Wigley returned home safely today. 


The Youth and Morals department has spoken to the minor and as well as her

Parents, regarding the consequences of leaving home without proper

communicating her whereabouts with their parents. 


The Youth and Morals department would like to inform the public of Sint Maarten about the following. It appears that during this type of investigations into missing teenagers, the department has become aware that persons take the missing teenager into their home without the consent of the teenager’s parents. 


Furthermore, this information of the whereabouts of the teenager is not communicated to the Police Force with all the consequences that this brings with it. 


We would like to especially thank the media and the community for the quick

sharing of the police press release on social media. Together we can always make a



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