“The Battle of the middleweights”

The Curacao Boxing Association CuraBox showed with “The Battle of the middleweights” on Sunday evening January 17 that it is possible to organize boxing bouts in a responsible way, taking care with the measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, COVID-19.
For example, no more than 25 people were present in total and all those present were “essential”. Spectators were not allowed. Due to the limited number of attendees, only 2 bouts could be held by a total of 4 boxers. Everyone’s temperature was measured upon entry and everyone wore a facemask. Only during the boxing bout itself the boxers did not wear a facemask, but all boxers had tested negative for COVID. Furthermore, all other measures were applied, such as regular cleaning / disinfection of hands and materials with alcohol.
The two boxing bouts, Chris Elliott (23) from Pro-Fit vs Kurt Neuman (23) from Attaf Fighting Factory and Ronin Prince (18) from Attaf Fighting Factory vs Raekwon Baas (18) from Baas Sports in the middleweight brought the expected spectacle. Both bouts went over the full duration of three rounds of three minutes, with the judges determining the winners.
In the first bout, Chris Elliott won unanimously, with one judge having a score of 30-27 and the other judges having a score of 29-28. In the second bout Ronin Prince won unanimously with all judges having the score 29-28.
CuraBox, a non-profit organization, would like to thank ADC for sponsoring the PCR tests, A&A Boxing for sponsoring the facilities, Sport.cw for the livestream and FDOK. Furthermore CuraBox thanks all participating teams and all volunteers, such as; the officials (referees, judges, timekeeper, etc.), the ring announcer Mario Marquez and anyone who has not been named but has contributed.
The Livestream via Sport.cw was shared many times via social media, viewed more than four thousand times and is still being viewed.
The board of CuraBox plans to organize the next event with this setup in the short term and will report on this shortly.

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