CTB i partnernan lokal a partisipá na Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021 / CTB and Local Partners at Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021 

CTB i partnernan lokal a partisipá na Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021 


WILLEMSTAD- 18 di febrüari 2021 – Resientemente Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) huntu ku 17 partner lokal a partisipá na e vershon virtual di e feria di buseo Duikvaker. E feria virtual dirigí riba buseo i snòrkel a konta e aña aki ku un total di 100 ekshibidor i oradornan prosedente di rònt mundu kual a haña e oportunidat pa presentá nan produkto i servisio na e konsumidó europeo. Durante e dos dianan di e Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021 e página a risibí un total di 76.281 views


E tim di Kòrsou a keda bon representá pa vários operador di buseo, hotèlnan i apartamentunan ku a eksponé tur loke Kòrsou tin pa ofresé na tur ku gusta sambuyá i snòrkel. E bishitantenan na e feria virtual por a sigui presentashonnan ku informashon aktualisá di Kòrsou su produkto turístiko, papia ‘live’ ku representantenan di CTB, partnernan den e sektor di akomodashon i operadornan di buseo. Tur esnan ku sambuyá òf snòrkel den awanan di Kòrsou ta keda altamente impreshoná ku e bunitesa di kada sitio bou di awa. Kada un ta úniko i tin su propio beyesa i variashon di koló. Esaki ta e sentimentu ku CTB i su partnernan a sa di traspasá na tur ku a bishitá e stèntnan virtual di e tim di Kòrsou. E página di e feria lo keda disponibel te ku luna di sèptèmber próksimo di manera ku personanan rònt mundu ainda tin chèns di bishitá e stèntenan virtual pa asina wak e presentashonnan i chèk e foldernan digital. 


CTB ta gradisí e 17 partnernan di sektor privá ku a forma parti di e tim di Kòrsou na e feria di buseo. E feria virtual di Duikvaker ta sigur un plataforma mas pa por sigui promové Kòrsou bou di e amantenan di buseo na Europa.



Un bista di Kòrsou su partisipashon na ‘Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021’


CTB and Local Partners at Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021 


WILLEMSTAD- February 18, 2021 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), together with 17 local partners, recently participated in a virtual edition of the Duikvaker Dive Expo. This year, the virtual fair aimed at divers and snorkelers attracted a total of 100 exhibitors and presenters from around the globe, showcasing their products and services to the European consumer. Over the two days of the Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021, the web page received a total of 76.281 views. 


The Curaçao team was well represented by dive operators, hotels and apartments, who brought diving and snorkeling enthusiasts up to speed with all that Curaçao has to offer. Visitors to the virtual expo were able to follow presentations offering current information on Curaçao’s tourism product and speak live to CTB representatives, partners in the accommodation sector and dive operators. Anyone who takes a dive or snorkels in Curaçao’s waters will be astounded by the beauty of each of its underwater sites. Each one is unique, with its own distinctive beauty and colors, and the CTB and its partners also managed to convey that sense of wonder to all who visited the Curaçao team’s virtual booth. The expo’s webpage will remain accessible until the month of September, meaning that viewers around the world can still visit the virtual booths, watch the presentations and check out the digital folders. 


The CTB wishes to thank the 17 private-sector partners comprising Curaçao’s team at the dive fair. The Duikvaker virtual Expo is without doubt another excellent platform for the continuous promotion of Curaçao among diving enthusiasts in Europe.



An impression of Curaçao’s participation at the Duikvaker Virtual Expo 2021


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