Inisio pintamentu di mural komo parti ehekushon Quick Win Plan Zakito / Mural Started in Execution of the Zakito Quick Win Plan 

Inisio pintamentu di mural komo parti ehekushon Quick Win Plan Zakito


WILLEMSTAD – 12 di mart 2021 – Resientemente Minister di Desaroyo Ekonómiko Dr. Steven Martina huntu ku sra. Zita Jesus-Leito, MBA Minister di Tráfiko, Transporte i Planifikashon Urbano i di Salubridat Públiko, Medio Ambiente i Naturalesa a duna inisio na pintamentu di e mural riba e muraya di Aqualectra na entrada di Koredor. E mural ta forma parti di ehekushon di e “Quick Win Plan” pa desaroyo di e área di Zakito i lo kubri tres sekshon di kada unu mas o ménos 45 meter. E artista enkargá ku pintamentu di e mural ta sr. Sander van Beusekom di BLEND Creative Imaging. Huntu ku e kompania PickNic Projects lo envolví tambe personanan for di nos komunidat pa partisipá den e proyekto. E “Quick Win Plan” ta un di e puntonan di akshon di e vishon pa desaroyo di e área di Zakito kual a keda akordá na desèmber 2018 dor di Konseho di Minister. Na inisio di 2020, Gobièrnu di Kòrsou i Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a firma un akuerdo pa ehekushon di e “Quick Win Plan”. 


E “Quick Win Plan” tin komo meta pa desaroyá e área di Zakito hasiendo diferente mehorashon chikitu ku ta hisa balor di e área i hasié mas atraktivo pa rekreá i hasi deporte lokual lo yuda enkurashá e aspekto di ‘wellness’ bou di komunidat. Na mes momentu e mehorashonnan lo sirbi pa generá mas interes di posibel invershonistanan i otro ‘stakeholders’ pa partisipá den e desaroyo di e área. Komo parti di e plan aki ya kaba a drecha entre otro diferente palapa, parti di dos edifisio, diferente elemento na Parke Lucha pa Libertat i a limpia e área. Ta trahando pa implementá diferente otro “quick wins” den e área. Un danki spesial ta bai na Gerensia di Aqualectra ku a yuda ku drechamentu di e muraya pa asina hasi e pintamentu di e mural posibel.




Mural Started in Execution of the Zakito Quick Win Plan 


WILLEMSTAD – March 12, 2021 – The Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina, together with Mrs. Zita Jesus-Leito, MBA Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning and of Public Health, the Environment and Nature, have marked the start for the painting of the mural that will soon embellish the outer wall of the local water and energy production company Aqualectra at the entrance of the Koredor area. The mural will be realized in execution of the Quick Win Plan for the development of the Zakito area and will cover three sections of about 150 feet each. The artist commissioned for the mural is Sander van Beusekom of BLEND Creative Imaging. Also through PickNic Projects, individual members of the local community, will be involved in this project. The Quick Win Plan is one of the action points in the vision to develop the Zakito area, adopted by the Council of Ministers in December of 2018. An agreement for the Quick Win Plan’s execution was signed by the Government of Curaçao and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) at the beginning of 2020.


The Quick Win Plan is aimed at developing the Zakito area by carrying out several minor improvements that will raise the area’s value, making it more attractive for leisure and sports activities, thus promoting wellness activities in the local community. At the same time, these improvements will serve to generate more interest among possible investors and other stakeholders to participate in the area’s development. As part of the plan, repairs have already been made to palapas, parts of two buildings and some elements of the Parke Lucha pa Libertat. The area has also been cleaned up and there are several other quick wins in progress. Our special thanks go to Aqualectra’s Management for their help in repairing the wall and making it ready to receive the coming mural.


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