Two serious accidents on Sunday afternoon / Officers busy attending Leadership Training / Man drowns in Great Bay Beach


From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


Philipsburg, May 30th 2021-A


Two serious accidents on Sunday afternoon

Two serious accidents involving motorcycles that occurred on Sunday are under investigation by the Police Traffic Department.


The first accident took place on St. Peters Road on 30 May. At about 1:30pm,  Police dispatch received several calls about a traffic accident on St Peters Road where a motorcyclist lost control and crashed into an uncoming car.

Upon arrival on the scene, the police patrol and ambulance personnel found a man with injuries to his lower back and a possibly broken arm from the collision  with the car. He was attended to by the ambulance personnel and transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.


The second accident was on Welfare Road in front of the Police Station in Simpson Bay. Preliminary investigation shows that the motorcyclist was riding at such a high speed that he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed on the road.

 Medics from the military who were in the area administered first aid to the victim as they awaited the ambulance.The motorcyclist had suffered trauma to his head and face from the crash. He was further attended to by ambulance personnel and transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.


Officers busy attending Leadership Training

Over the last week, a squad of police officiers continuee training in leadership development. 

The starting date of the course was in the week of April 12, 2021, with induction and official opening of the training. 

The Operational Leadership Caribbean program, with the duration of one year, is a joint effort of the Netherlands Police Academy and the police forces of Sint Maarten ,Aruba, Curacao and Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland (KPSM, KPA, KPC, KPCN).

This course finds its basis in the trainings provided for by current Operational Experts and Specialists of the  Netherlands Police Academy in the form of short-term trainings. These modules will include professional growth, operational management, sustainable collaboration, communication & influence and result/development cycle and absenteeism.

During the duration of the training, participants will work on a personal development plan and a practical assignment.

The managment team of KPSM commend participants for taking on the course. 

Man drowns in Great Bay Beach


On Saturday, May 29, at approximately 5:50pm, the Police Dispatch Center received a notification that an 81-year-old man with initial O.A. went swimming at Great Bay Beach and was not seen since.


Police and Coast Guard initiated a search for the missing man in Great Bay and surrounding areas. The Coast Guard continued the search late into the evening, but there is was not sign of the man. The search was halted due to the darkness.


In the morning of Sunday, May 30, the Coast Guard took up the search again.At approximately 8:30am, they located the man’s body in the water near Divi Little Bay Beach Resort.A preliminary investigation was conducted by detectives and the police doctor concluded that the victim had drown.


The Sint Maarten Police expressed its condolences to the families of the deceased.


 Police participated in SXM DOET


Several members of the St Maarten Police Force volunteered with the annual SXM DOET at schools and with non-governmental organisatons this weekend. 


The team of police officers volunteered as painters, carpenters making benches and as clean-up crew at Sister Magda Primary School, Oranje Primary School, Learning Unlimited Preparatory School, and the National Institute of Arts (NIA) on Long Wall Road.

KPSM coordinators Ms. Van Heyningen and Ms. Bremer and their team were commended by KPSM management for their participation in SXM DOET.


SXM DOET is part of a kingdom-wide community service campaign that lends a helping hand through small grants and volunteerism.  


Police dealt with cases of visitors related to vandalism, domestic violence


Over the last week, the St. Maarten Police have had to provide assistance in a number of instances where visitors to the country were involved in cases of vandalism and relational (domestic) violence.


While Police is aware that St. Maarten is a very popular tourist destination, lawbreaking will not be tolerated by anyone – visitors or residents. People committing criminal acts in the country are warned that the applicable laws of St. Maarten are for everyone and that all laws must be respected.


Police urge visitors to be safe and law abiding while on vacation in the country.


Minister of Justice approves recruitment drive for new Police Officers. 

In the continued effort to improve public safety and to bolster the Sint Maarten Police Force, the Honorable Minister of Justice, Ms. Anna E. Richardson, has authorized the Chief of Police of Sint Maarten to initiate the process of recruiting an additional 20 new Police cadets with the focus being on Community Care and security.

“Our main responsibility as the Justice Department is to keep our people and communities safe by protecting and serving. Therefore, we believe that by building a Police Force of qualified professionals to maintain public safety and effective policing, we can establish mutual trust between the Police and our communities which will in turn help us to devise solutions to crime and disorder problems,” the Minister explained. “I believe we have young men and women who have the desire to serve their country with pride and to develop themselves, so we are launching this recruitment drive to give everyone the opportunity to apply, once they meet the outlined requirements.”

Application forms and the criteria in detail, can be found on the Police website: It can be accessed by simply printing, completing, and signing the application form. Potential candidates are also required to include a letter of motivation and their resumes, with the completed application form addressed to the Chief of Police of Sint Maarten. 

The application package must be delivered to the Philipsburg Police Station.

Below are the prerequisites to becoming a Police Officer in the Sint Maarten Police Force:

  • Education level: VSBO TKL, HAVO, VWO, MBO level 2-3 or level 4 work and think level.
  • Applicant must be between the ages of 17 – 35 years old. 
  • Must have a valid local Driver’s license B.
  • Must be a Dutch national.
  • Must be registered and living on Sint Maarten.
  • Must meet the required height (barefoot) of at least 5 Ft.5 inches for male and 5 Ft. for females.  
  • Must have good command of the Dutch and English language.
  • Candidate should have no history of involvement with the Justice System nor have a criminal Record of any kind.

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